Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 8: “Contact”

Nolan and Louise share a drink with their pal Thumper in Revenge Season 4, Episode 8 "Contact,"
Nolan and Louise share a drink with their pal Thumper in Revenge Season 4, Episode 8 "Contact" Photos: ABC, ptaha_c, Hemera Technologies/iStock, PhotoObjects.net/Thinkstock

When we last left off, Victoria got deep-fried. That’s really all you need to know.

And now, Revenge Season 4, Episode 8: “Contact”…

We open as David rushes to Victoria’s side as she lays lifeless. He begs Emily to call 911, but she stands still, silently refusing. He manages to resuscitate her and calls the police*.

*Hamptons Authenticity Alert! David says they’re on Old Montauk Highway. This might be the first street name they’ve gotten right in years, however, Southampton Village Police are on Windmill Lane, while the Town Police are actually in Hampton Bays).

Picking up where we left off in NYC, Margaux storms out of the hotel but is stopped by a remorseful Daniel. She is livid that Danny would hook up with Louise. Margaux says that his behavior bothers her so much because she’s in love with him. She storms out and runs right into Louise, who gloats about Margaux and Daniel’s relationship woes. Margaux warns Louise that she just made an enemy, which makes Louise positively giddy.

Jack finds Nolan at the country club. “There’s no hiding from the Southampton PD, huh?” Nolan says. Jack asks Nolan if Emily killed Vince and is dismayed to learn it was Charlotte.

David and Emily watch EMTs tend to Victoria. “Don’t feel bad about not helping, you were scared,” David tells Emily. She corrects her dimwitted dad and explains that Victoria deserves to die, so why would she call 911 to save her? David is horrified by Emily’s words, but she lays into him about not being there for her. Emily is stung when her father gets into the ambulance with Victoria as it drives off.

The next morning, Emily is practicing Takeda-chops to let off steam while Nolan hacks into the hospital and learns Victoria is alive but heavily sedated. Nolan suggests Emily needs to be rational and calm so she can communicate to David how batty and evil Victoria is.

Louise rushes into the hospital with a massive bouquet of flowers and asks a security guard to see Victoria. He refuses to let her in, so Louise asks him to give the flowers to Victoria. As Louise walks off, her imaginary mom reappears and tells her to get pregnant with Victoria’s grandchild. She craaaaaazy…..

In this week’s ubiquitous locker room scene (Jack is dressed, unfortunately), Ben is on Cloud 9 for finding Vince, who has been framed for Conrad’s murder. Jack isn’t in the mood (since he knows Emily and Charlotte were involved), but his boss interrupts and introduces him and Ben to Kate, an FBI agent who is investigating Conrad’s murder. Ben gets small-town giddy and lays it on a little thick, but Kate is only interested in talking to Jack due to his connection to the case. “Congrats, partner,” Ben snipes as he storms off, huffing and puffing.

Daniel enters the hotel lobby after his morning run (Josh Bowman looks GOOD, by the way) and is accosted by the concierge, who asks how Victoria is doing. Danny doesn’t really want to hear it, but the concierge hands Daniel a message that was left for him. It’s a sexy “meet me upstairs” note on LeMarchal letterhead, so he rushes into his room, where the shower is already started. He gets in, waiting for his surprise, and to his shock (but not ours), Louise gets into the shower with him! Cue Daniel’s horror. He’s furious and calls off their partnership, and when Louise protests, he threatens to have her sent right back to the mental hospital. Louise calls him out for being selfish and not visiting Victoria in the hospital.

Louise Meme Revenge Season 4, Episode 8 "Contact"
Louise sees her mommy everywhere, Photo: ABC

At the hospital, the security guard tells Emily she can’t see Victoria because she’s not family. “She is family,” David says, beckoning for Emily to follow. Emily and David argue outside Victoria’s room. Victoria sees them arguing and subtly unplugs one of the wires monitoring her, making it look like she’s flatlining. David rushes to her side and she quickly slips the wire back into place. Emily sees it all and shakes her head in frustration. Later, the doctor tells Victoria she’ll make a full recovery thanks to David’s CPR. He promises not to leave her sight, but Kate shows up to question David.

At Nolan’s country club, a bartender loudly quits because of Nolan’s public falling-out with David. Margaux arrives and asks Nolan to get rid of Louise’s membership, but he refuses, noting that Louise seems harmless and sweet. Margaux reminds him that she almost died in the sauna and won’t pursue pressing charges if he cooperates and helps ruin Louise. Nolan tells her to get lost. When did these two become enemies?

Kate is skeptical about the Conrad case. She shows Jack a picture of a man getting into a car with Vince’s tattoo, assuming that he tried to kill Conrad and David.

Privately, Kate shows David the photos of Vince’s body and asks if he knows him. David has a flashback of Vince giving him Fauxmanda’s photos and lies to Kate, saying he doesn’t know Vince. She is suspicious and wants to question him some more.

Jack runs into Emily at the hospital. Emily tells him that she told David the truth. He’s happy for her, and doubly happy when Kate tells Jack that it looks like Vince was in fact the perp (is everyone stupid on this show?). Kate tells Jack she owes him a drink.

Emily tells David she took care of the knife used to kill Conrad. He’s not grateful, instead expressing shock at his daughter’s devious actions. Emily unleashes, telling David that her entire life has been about him and restoring his good name. David says she doesn’t know the whole story, and Emily tells him the same. “I didn’t ask for your help,” David finally yells. Emily shakes her head and storms off, dropping a photo of them when she was a little girl.

At the beach house, Emily sits on the porch and is surprised when Daniel pays her a visit. He doesn’t want to fight—he’s just avoiding seeing Vic in the hospital. They talk about David a bit, and he is surprised to see real tears from her. She’s done dealing with him. “So you’re giving up? Nice to know everything you put me through was for nothing,” he says as she walks off.

Back at the hospital, Victoria admits to David that she knew Emily’s true identity, and that they’re sworn enemies. David doesn’t know what to say.

Nolan and Louise continue to bond over martinis. When she excuses herself, he looks at her tablet (she showed him a web poll “Should David Clarke Sue Nolan Ross?”) and accidentally finds all the doctored Louise/Victoria pics from last week. “Oh, no…” Nolan sighs. “Can’t I have a normal friend?”

Two doctors ask David if he’s staying the night and ask him to sign some paperwork. Before he can react, they attack him and threaten to kill Victoria (who is peacefully sedated)! The fight gets ugly, but Emily suddenly appears from beneath Victoria’s bed (?!) and Takeda-chops the bad guys. David hits the security alarm and the thugs jump out the window. “I was never here,” Emily whispers as she follows suit.

Later, David and Emily meet in the dark. After NOT asking his daughter why she was under Victoria’s bed, and for how long, David explains that a rival of Conrad broke him out of prison, faked his murder and leveraged him into doing his bidding by threatening to hurt Fauxmanda. He eventually escaped and killed Conrad when he heard about the goings-on in the Hamptons. David thanks Emily and tells her how proud he is of her, but then inexplicably says he can’t be a father to her because of the danger. Emily is stupified.

Daniel visits Victoria and blames her for ruining his life. “You’re alone, mom.”

Margaux listens to an apologetic voicemail from Daniel, but is interrupted by Nolan, who’s ready to compromise.

Kate and Jack bond at some bar. They start to get flirty, but the moment is ruined when Ben appears out of nowhere in the midst of a bar fight. He’s resentful and hurt that Jack is apparently a better cop and the department’s new golden boy. Jack puts Ben in his place, telling him to stop wallowing and essentially grow the eff up.

Emily and Nolan sit by a fire pit at the manse. Emily’s new plan is to chip away at the hold Victoria has on David. Nolan heads out, and Emily goes into an empty part of the house and begins to torture a shackled prisoner with a hot fire poker!

Closing Thoughts: You know what this show needs? More Louise. She is consistently the most entertaining part of the season. And I never thought I’d say this, but Daniel and Emily’s interactions the past two episodes have been some of the most refreshing character work the show’s done in recent memory. Could they end up together? I doubt it, but it would be interesting. And who the HELL was Emily torturing at the end?!

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