Hamptons Police Blotter: Cause for Concern

Concerned Police
Police were concerned this week, Photo: George Doyle/iStock/Thinkstock

Police concerns were raised as a local group of concerned citizens held a demonstration this past weekend. Police spokesman Larry Hersch noted that the demonstration, while peaceful, was cause for concern under the circumstances.

“People are concerned, and police need to be concerned about that,” Hersch explained. “If they continue to be concerned, then we will become very concerned.”

Local officials, understandably concerned, were happy to allow demonstrators to express their concern peacefully, but urged them to make their concern known to regional authorities. “It seems clear that the sooner their concern is communicated to those in the best position to address their concern, the sooner their concern will be addressed.”

However, county and state officials, called upon to comment about the group’s concern, expressed a relative lack of concern, calling it “a local concern.”

Watch this space for further developments.

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