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Southampton Gas Station Immune to Falling Oil Prices

At present, most of the gas stations on County Road 39 in Southampton are charging the same price for a gallon of regular gasoline: $2.49.

However, one gas station, Sunoco, is charging much more, and has been for some time. Located at the Magee Street intersection, the gas station’s cash, self-service price for regular is $3.39.

The office of New York State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, which monitors South Fork gas prices and price disparity, reports that the station also set the price at $3.39 on December 19 and January 31. Between those two dates, other South Fork gas stations lowered their prices by between 40 and 77 cents per gallon.

The Sunoco charged $3.99 on September 3 and $3.89 on October 20. So, the price does change, but it appears to have a floor. The owner of the station could not be reached.

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