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Guilty Pleasure Recap: The Bachelor – Season 19, Episode 10

Last week’s episode of The Bachelor left America screaming at their TVs as Chris Soules made his surprising decision to keep Becca, who is inexperienced with affairs of the heart, and sacrifice Kaitlyn, the seemingly very together choice.

In an interview this week, Chris said his decision between Becca and Kaitlyn was an inner struggle. He called it a coin toss. When Kaitlyn learned that she was the heads down, she huffed and said that if she was sent home in such a cavalier manner, then she is just as happy to be out of the running. No one wants to stay or leave based on the flip of a coin, with so little personal feelings considered. If that is the case, then the show should stop right now and declare Whitney the winner. If, in two weeks, Chris has a change of heart and opts for Becca, as I have already predicted, I don’t see a forever future or a walk down the aisle for that match up.

One thing is for certain—the producers assembled a wild cast of bachelorettes for Prince Farming. We’ve had women who drank too much and were unable to control themselves; we’ve had Jillian with a blackout patch on her butt for the entire time she was on the show, we had Kelsey’s grande dame panic attack, and we’ve had Ashley S. shrug off Chris’s rejection as not even worthy of a second thought.

This week, the women were back to “tell all.”

The Bachelor's women are ready to
The women are ready to “tell all,” Photo: ABC/David Moir

The Bachelor, Season 19, Episode 10: “The Women Tell All”

This argumentative group of ladies reassembles in “The Women Tell All,” and it’s immediately obvious that the night is going to tempestuous series of erupting temper tantrums, tears and confrontations. Who went for the aspirin when Carly and Britt started at each other? I was seriously getting a headache and wanting to reach for the aspirin several times during all that bickering about who is fake, who has the biggest ego problem and who feels terribly misunderstood..

We kick the confrontations off with Round 1, Carly vs. Britt: These ladies are each other’s throats. Britt feels as if she was stabbed in the back by Carly who went to Prince Farming and told him how fake Britt is when she is with him. Carly once again accuses Britt of being two-faced. Carly reminds Britt that when the group went to Arlington to check out the town, Britt said she could never live there. But when she saw Chris later, she gushed about how beautiful the place was. Britt dissolves in tears, feeling she had a connection with our prince, but Carly’s interference extinguished their building passion.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison asks Britt if she came to the show looking for love. She emphatically states her intentions were honorable and she was looking for love. OK Britt, you may have been looking for love, but love with Prince Farming? Maybe you’d better rethink that. Arlington turned you off. If you get Prince Farming, you get Arlington—they’re a package deal. Be honest with yourself, Britt, you don’t want to live out your life on the farm.

The same can be said about many of the girls on this season of The Bachelor. They were glaringly wrong for Chris Soules and his down-home farming lifestyle. It seems very difficult for this very nice 33-year-old man to find a lady who would give it all up for cornfields and cows. The bottom line? No one is an obvious fit for the bachelor. Life with him comes with some sacrifice.

Next up, Kelsey, aka “the black widow,” is back to her “tragic, amazing story,” as she describes her husband’s sudden death. She’s a bundle of drama—I’ll give her that. Poor Kelsey says the girls at the house think she’s condescending. Oh, really, Kelsey, did you ever stop to think why they feel that way about you?

“I just want to be accepted, I want to be liked,” she says. Be real, Kelsey, you don’t give a fig about any of these girls and whether they like you or not. You’ll never see them again. You come off as if you think you are so much better than the others. How about your comparison to Ashley I? Do you remember motioning high up as if that is your place, as opposed to motioning downward for Ashley’s place?

Julia calls Kelsey calculating. Yes, Kelsey was strategically playing the game. The only problem—her panic attacks and strategy blew up in her face! Poor girl. She thought her “tragic story” would get the ever so nice Prince Farming on her side so she could devour him, leaving only crumbs for the other girls. It didn’t work as planned, did it, Kelsey? I understand you’re off to Paris now to become a starving writer. Enjoy!

Ashley S. is peeling back the layers!
Ashley S. is peeling back the layers! Photo: ABC/David Moir

Ashley S. is Chris Harrison’s next victim. Is this girl for real or is she putting everybody on? More aspirin, please. When she joins Chris Harrison at center stage, Ashley S. offers him an onion. She is intent on pulling back the layers of people’s personalities and getting directly to the core. You might have been a real trip on the farm. I can easily see you being constantly busy and amused conversing with the crops. You could talk to the corn, the carrots, the tomatoes, the potatoes and any other vegetable. You are one girl I don’t see getting bored in Arlington.

Ashley S. looks around the studio and says, “It’s so weird…just that we’re on TV.” Is she putting all of us on? Is this girl an actress trying to make the most of her 15 minutes of fame? If so, she’s succeeded. Chris Harrison invites her to join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise, the summer show from the producers of The Bachelor. You go, girl! Your nuttiness got you more TV time. I don’t think you’re as dimwitted as you let on.

Next in the hot seat is Jade, the seemingly wholesome girl who got the boot from Chris when he found out she posed nude for Playboy. She’s another one who can’t wait to see Chris again. She asks the same question as all the others: “Why did you get rid of me?” Do you really need him to answer that, Jade? Between your brother who threw you under the tractor by telling Chris you were a “wild mustang” and sharing your nude videos with this country boy, how could you be perplexed?

Jade has it out with the Prince on The Bachelor The Women Tell All
Jade has it out with the Prince, Photo: ABC/David Moir

Kaitlyn, the last girl Chris sent packing, says she’s back to having her guard up. She had no clue she was being sent home that day and remains confused. Kaitlyn, forget it. Besides, the show’s producers are making final decisions for choosing the next “Bachelorette.” You’re in the running. Leave the farmer and Arlington behind. You’re better off in the big city, anyway.

9:35 p.m.: Come on, Chris Harrison, haven’t you milked the show enough? It’s time to bring on Chris Soules and let the girls at him.

9:38 p.m.: Prince Farming finally makes his entrance. OK, so the girls get approximately 10 minutes with him on the hot seat. Another round of tears from Britt, followed by Kaitlyn asking why, why oh why did you let me go? All Chris Soules can do is look foolish as he appears contrite with Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn sheds some tears on The Bachelor The Women Tell All
Kaitlyn sheds some tears, Photo: ABC/David Moir

Two girls remain: Whitney, the fertility nurse who is willing to give up her career and run off with Prince Farming to his tiny hometown of Arlington. She’s a girl who has come to terms with what she wants in life, and what she wants is Chris Soules. She has made that infinitely clear.

Then there’s the virgin, Becca. This girl has never been in love or done anything beyond kissing a boy. She doesn’t seem that into Prince Farming, and would she really be happy down on the farm and away from her family? I think not.

Chris Soules, you really haven’t given yourself a choice. You may have a chance at a forever if you pick Whitney. You will most likely have a for a few minutes if you pick Becca.

Looking back at all the girls, do you really think you made the best choices in the end? I question that. Bets are on Whitney, but there’s a good chance you won’t end up with anyone. The way I see it, Whitney’s not only the obvious choice—she’s the only choice.

Stay tuned, The Bachelor Season 19 finale, Episode 11, airs at 8 p.m. on Monday, March 9. The “After the Final Rose” special will immediately follow.

Barbara Anne Kirshner is the author of Madison Weatherbee-The Different Dachshund. She is a regular contributor to

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