Palcohol, Powdered Alcohol Could Hurt Local Bar Biz

Palcohol is coming to the Hamptons!
Palcohol is coming to the Hamptons! Photo: markusblanke/iStock/Thinkstock

Powdered alcohol is coming to the Hamptons!

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, also known as the TTB, recently approved Palcohol on March 10, so it is now legal to sell it in the United States.

That is of course unless Senator Charles Schumer has his way. He introduced a bill last week that would ban the sale of powdered alcohol. Previously, Schumer had asked the FDA to stop the sale of powdered alcohol but they refused to do so.

“We simply can’t sit back and wait for powdered alcohol to hit the store shelves across the country, potentially causing more alcohol-related hospitalizations and, God forbid, deaths,” Schumer said in a statement.

The premise of powdered alcohol is quite simple. You mix the contents of the packet in water and you have your alcoholic beverage ready for imbibing. Palcohol can be mixed with any number of liquids, including alcohol, which would really spike the content.

I can see many issues surrounding the sale of Palcohol.

How will it affect our local bars? I interviewed several local bartenders who all said they were worried because people could simply walk up to the bar, order a glass of water and then when the bartender is not looking, turn it into a cocktail. This would reduce the revenue for local establishments and the earnings for bartenders.

And what about the potential of people snorting the Palcohol as opposed to mixing it with liquid? This could lead to a host of potential health issues.

It has also been argued that children will now have greater access to alcohol because Palcohol is easier to hide and sneak into parties.

I believe it could also create a dilemma for local law enforcement officers. Possession of an open container of alcohol while in a motor vehicle is prohibited in 40 states. If you possess a partially opened package of Palcohol while in a motor vehicle, should you be cited or taken to jail?

I am not certain what my feelings are because I have yet to actually try the application.

However, we’re very curious to hear what East Enders think. Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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