Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 19: “Exposure”

Revenge Season 4 Episode 19 Exposure
Ben spreads his goodness... Photo: ABC

Emily just admitted to being Amanda Clarke in front of the whole world! Can she retire the Infinity Box, or did she unleash Pandora?

The answers lie in our Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap of Revenge Season 4, Episode 19: “Exposure.” Let’s see…

“I am Amanda Clarke.” And the crowd goes wild!

And we already have a winner for most ridiculous reaction. On the beach, Louise snaps and sobs that Nolan lied to her about Emily. Victoria watches on as Louise digs in the sand and produces the incriminating jump drive Lyman had tried to take.

The next morning, the news is abuzz with Amanda/Emily fever as Nolan, Jack and Emily discuss their next move. Nolan says that Twitter is abuzz with #Amanda and #Emily. The antihero formally known as Emily Thorne declares that she’s now Amanda Clarke. Jack wonders if there’s any legal repercussions on the way, and Nolan confirms that some of her takedowns are already declaring intention to sue. Chief among them is one Tom Kingsley, whose political campaign Amanda ruined years ago. But before she can take action, Ben arrives to dump her for doing something that could jeopardize his career.

At Victoria’s, a nameless computer whiz is having trouble decrypting the thumb drive. Louise enters and admits to overreacting about Nolan and Emily. “The press is calling her a modern Count of Monte Cristo,” Louise sighs, delivering the most on-the-nose line in the history of the series. Victoria is in full-on revenge mode, though, and tells Louise that Amanda destroyed the Grayson family, had Victoria imprisoned in the psychiatric hospital and led Pascal and Daniel to their deaths. The thumb drive is finally decrypted and Louise decides that Nolan is a bastard who she is going to “hang by his unmentionables.” Victoria tells Louise to continue with her civil divorce for now, though, and exclaims that it’s time to bring the tale of America’s newest folk hero to its proper end. I thought we were past this?

Meanwhile, Nolan deletes the bad stuff from his computer. Louise enters with the divorce papers and confronts him about Amanda. He apologizes, but she’s done with him. “You were never my true Wonder Twin. Goodbye, Nolan.” Louise leaves and Nolan freaks out, realizing Louise never gave him Lyman’s jump drive.

Victoria and Louise in Revenge Season 4 Episode 19 Exposure
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Amanda (in a fab white suit) goes to visit Tom Kingsley, who is now a third-rate attorney. He is on a crusade to take her down. But Amanda is on to him, going through all her red pen takedowns. This is a big flashback episode. “You ruined lives,” says Kingsley. David enters, noting, “But you stole 20 years of my life—if you or anyone else makes a move against Amanda, I will end you.”

Victoria calls Tom, but he doesn’t answer while Amanda and David are in the room. Amanda decides to handle Vic herself.

Margaux has a series of flashbacks about Daniel. Victoria comes by to talk about Amanda, but Margaux is busy putting the finishing touches on a story about Daniel’s name being cleared. Sensing Margaux is going soft, Victoria goes through everything Amanda did to Daniel and Pascal, ending with a flashback of Conrad killing Pascal. But Margaux has seen the light (for this scene, at least) and asks Victoria to let it go, admitting she lied about Amanda pushing her. Victoria is nonplussed and asks Margaux for help, but Marg isn’t playing.

Nolan greets Amanda and David and tells them that Louise has all their crimes on a jump drive. Amanda quite wisely asks Nolan why on earth he’d keep such evidence, and Nolan cries that he wanted to remember their work together. As they’ve been tracking Victoria all morning (it’s not explained how—edible nanites, perhaps?), Amanda sees that her rival is meeting with the press, so she heads out…without Nolan’s help.

Victoria is planning an interview with TV personality Connie Bales, but Amanda intervenes and offers Connie a live interview tonight, as long as Victoria never gets to talk.

Jack heads to Casa Nolan to console his buddy. Nolan admits that Amanda is his blind spot—he’s just the hacker that ran Emily Thorne, and now she’s gone. But Jack is in BFF mode and reminds Nolan of all the good times they’ve had. More flashbacks.

The interview. Amanda explains how Victoria ruined her childhood, and how David helped her see the light, showing the world the Infinity Box! Connie asks Amanda the price of all of her lies, and Amanda mentions the casualties, both physical and emotional: Fauxmanda, Charlotte, Aiden. More flashbacks culminate with Amanda finding Aiden dead in her house. After confirming that she’s never killed anyone, Amanda reveals that Victoria murdered Aiden. “But I have sympathy for her,” Amanda sighs, mentioning that Victoria has had a tough life since childhood. “Victoria, if you’re watching, it’s on you to end this,” she says to the camera as Victoria watches on a huge midtown billboard.

The interview is over. Nolan tells Jack he has to go to Amanda and be with her now. Cue flashbacks of every romantic Jack/Emily scene ever. “You two belong together, and deep down, she knows it.”

Meanwhile, Margaux goes to visit Victoria and comfort her. “They picked away at your dignity and happiness. Your mother. Conrad. And Emily.” More flashbacks. Victoria sighs and smiles sadly. “You can’t resurrect a woman dead to the world.”

David flashes back to Amanda’s childhood at the beach house. Amanda arrives. “I could not be more proud of you, sweetheart.” She gives him the Infinity Box, noting happily, “For the first time, I have no idea what’s coming next.”

But just when you think everything’s over, we see a mystery person sitting at a cafe on the beach. The mystery person takes a red pen and circles Emily’s face in the newspaper.

Closing Thoughts: While tonight’s episode was a glorified clip show and recap of the entire series, it felt like the setup for a “final battle” of sorts. It also served to rather clunkily reassign allegiances—turning Louise against her friends for seemingly no reason and, once again, positioning Victoria as the villain. And where was Courtney Love‘s character, White Gold?

Next Week: Following all the revelations and changes this week, Episode 20 is brimming with possibility. One thing we know for sure—Jack is appearing in his bathing suit. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Revenge Jack Porter in a bathing suit
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