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Hamptons Real Estate Hot Topic: Modern Luxury in Sagaponack & Bridgehampton

“Real estate is just like fashion,” says Alan Schnurman, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Saunders & Associates.  “The current fashion seems to be the transitional house where it’s traditional on the outside and modern on the inside. The market wants that. We have a return of the flat roof houses of the 80’s with a flat roof and arched windows. It was popular into the 90’s and then we had the gable houses into the 2000s. Now we’re back to the flat roof houses and lots of glass.”

The bucolic horse pastures in Bridgehampton and beachfront dunes of Sagaponack are the least likely place one would expect to find gleaming modern structures of glass, wood, and metal yet that seems to be the last crop planted in these rolling fields. Modern marvels, more suited some would say Silicon Valley, are spring up by the dozen.   One can’t help but notice the string of gleaming modern estate by such notable architects as Cass Calder Smith along Mid Ocean Drive on the way to a doubles match at the Bridgehampton Tennis & Surf Club.

“Sagaponack and Bridgehampton, South of the Highway, are my favorites,” continues Schnurman when reflecting on his favorite real estate hot spots in the Hamptons, “demand is strong and new construction is the sweet part of the market. If the home is priced properly, it sells quickly and often has multiple bids. Traditional exteriors with modern interiors are much in favor. Also, flat-roof contemporaries are springing up in the fields and oceanfront.”

Modern kitchen in Sagaponack
Modern interiors are hidden inside a traditional exterior in this newly constructed transitional home in Sagaponack. Photo credit: Courtesy of Alan Schnurman, Saunders.
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