63 South Chill Street Addresses Hamptons’ Need for Quality Ice Cream

Ice cream by 63 South Chill Street
Ice cream by 63 South Chill Street

Cheryl Platt says she created 63 South Chill Street ice cream because she believes in the purity of what we consume—a back to basics ethic.

“We would not serve something to anyone that we would not serve ourselves,” Platt says, explaining her concept.

It was not easy to come up with a process to keep her ice cream smooth and creamy without adding stabilizers or excess sugar, but this is what makes 63 South Chill Street different. All of their ice cream is locally handcrafted in small batches from start to finish, ensuring the quality of ingredients throughout the entire process.

Platt starts by using premium quality, no growth hormone cream and milk from a New York dairy farm where the cows are grass fed and treated humanely. The eggs are 100 percent organic and each yolk is hand separated and inspected for quality. The leftover egg whites are then sold to another company for use in baked products.

63 South Chill Street uses far less sugar than their commercial counterparts, and they only use organic evaporated cane juice crystals from fair trade. “We never use white processed or liquid sugar,” Platt says. “Our fruit flavors use organic fruits and high quality extracts that are organic in nature,” she adds, noting, “Any chocolate is also organic.”

Platt also never uses hydrogenated fats, diglycerides or powdered anything. She never adds stabilizers or preservatives, such as carrageenan, locust bean or guar gum. Every pint is hand packed and ready to deliver

A new company, South Chill is currently available at Babinski’s Farm Stand in Water Mill (160 Newlight Lane), La Parmigiana in Southampton (44–48 Hampton Road), Hansen’s Snack Bar at the Southampton Golf Range (668 County Road 39)—be sure to ask for vanilla custard scoops by the 63 South Chill Street name—and Windy Acres Farm in Calverton (3810 Middle Country Road).

Ice cream fans, or anyone who believes in the importance of quality flavor and ingredients, should pick up a pint of 63 South Chill Street before it’s sold out.

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