ARF Seeks Best Looking Mutt in Photo Contest

Best Looking Mutt contestant Amelia.
Best Looking Mutt contestant Amelia. Photo credit: Courtesy ARF

Thanks to the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF), purebreds and pedigrees are not the only dog breeds that are deemed to be “Best in Show.”

ARF is returning for the second summer with its “Best Looking Mutt” contest and is hoping to collect just as many submissions of furry friends as they did last year—close to 150—to ultimately become part of this adorable competition.

“We feel that mutts are the best because being a mutt brings out the best of the breeds that are mixed in the dog,” ARF director of marketing and communications Jamie Berger says. “They are unique. No two are alike, even if they are the same mix.”

Although mutts are not always known for their looks, this contest will choose the crème de la crème of these canine cuties.

Photograph submissions will be accepted up until Sunday, July 26. The Best Looking Mutt titleholder will be announced on July 31, National Mutt Day.

This year ARF is switching things up a little to get more foot traffic at ARF’s shelter in Wainscott.

“There was such engagement online last year, which is great for social media, but we are trying to capture those people and bring them into the adoption center to be more familiar with us here,” Berger says.

ARF staff will choose the four best looking mutts and the final vote will be open to the public at the ARF adoption center from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. from Monday, July 27, through Thursday, July 30.

“This is about the awareness for mixed breeds. Overbreeding can bring health conditions with purebreds. But with mixed breeds you are getting the best traits, the strongest traits, with these mixed breeds,” Berger says.

The Best Looking Mutt contest winner will receive a DNA kit, which can decode the mystery of the mutt’s breeds, as well as ARF products and, of course, bragging rights.

Those who don’t have a mutt at home already can run down to ARF and adopt one. “We have a great group of dogs right now,” Berger says. “What is on the website right now means they are available for adoption, but they may not be here tomorrow, which is a good thing!”

The ARF Adoption Center is located at 91 Daniels Hole Road in Wainscott.

For more information on ARF and the Best Looking Mutt contest visit or call 631-537-0400.

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