Plan a Hamptons Summer Soiree with an Expert – Be a Guest at Your Own Party

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Arlene Rotfeld, founder of Go2Eventplanner, who specializes in orchestrating all sorts of parties, explains how she prepares, allowing hosts to rest easy while she attends to all the details.

Whether you just bought a new home or your lush hydrangeas and garden are at their peak, there’s always an excuse to celebrate the season with a summer soiree. So do it right with a fabulous party by the pool!

While hosting a party can be a fun, it’s rarely as easy, breezy and stress-free as we’d like. That’s why it’s important to hire a good event planner, or at the very least understand what goes into creating a perfect Hamptons gathering.

A fabulous table setting by Arlene Rotfeld of Go2EventPlanner
A fabulous table setting by Arlene Rotfeld of Go2EventPlanner

Meeting and Walk Thru
To begin, make sure to have a clear vision of the event at hand. In her business, Rotfeld starts with a meeting and walk thru, listening to a host’s vision and then inspecting the grounds, kitchen and seating area to see how best to implement it.

“Always get a tent on hold in case of inclement weather,” Rotfeld says.

Great People–Great Party
Once the idea is fully formulated and a plan is in place to best use the available indoor and outdoor space, Rotfeld says hiring impeccable staff is key. “I know a good back of the house staff, who work as a group prepping, preparing and setting up beautiful tables, chairs and linens,” Rotfeld adds, noting that she’s found great people throughout her 25 years in the business.

The Right Stuff
Along with securing a quality staff, most hosts will need to rent tables, chairs, glasses and a variety of other items to ensure that all guests have a place to sit and drink in their hand. “Luxe rentals, with specific focus on color and themed tabletops are my specialty,” Rotfeld says, painting a gorgeous picture of what she can acquire. “Colorful chandeliers on the trees, long tables with shocking pink Chiavari chairs, orange linen that pops, magenta orchids in square glass vases filled with sliced oranges and twinkling votive candles, or an Americana theme—I bring ‘wow’ to fruition!” she continues.

Taste Good, Look Good
Whether a host provides their own food or needs food provided, Rotfeld says creating a menu of “glorious cuisine” is paramount. As an event planner, she makes sure to oversee the menu, top to bottom, from hors d’oeuvres to entrees, drinks and dessert. “Organize platters and serving pieces, and do a tabletop display of seasonal fruits flowers vegetables,” Rotfeld says. “When the candles are lit and the bar is set, the party can begin!”

Go with the Flow
While a good host may want to mingle, dance, drink and hobnob with guests, it can pull them away from the necessary chore of managing their party. An event planner, Rotfeld explains, takes that burden off the host. “When we’re working a party, my team and I efficiently and quietly attend to all the guests and make sure all delicious hors d’oeuvres are passed, beverages are replenished and the buffet is open—or a streamlined sit-down service is underway,” Rotfeld says. “At the end of the evening, put some yummy desserts on display, and do all of this in an orderly, effortless fashion.”

“With a well planned party, everyone loves being your guest,” Rotfeld says, “but when you have an event planner, you’ll love being your guest at your own event, too!”

To the delight of her clients, Arlene Rotfeld is a passionate orchestrator of celebrations in Philadelphia, New York City and the Hamptons. To hire her for your next Hamptons summer soiree, email [email protected], call 516-909-8580 or visit

Arlene Rotfeld of Go2EventPlanner
Arlene Rotfeld of Go2EventPlanner

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