Dan Rattiner to Read from Memoir at Montauk Library, Southampton Historical Museum

Dan Rattiner, founder of Dan's Papers.
Dan Rattiner, founder of Dan's Papers. Photo credit: Barbara Lassen

Each weekend, our own Dan Rattiner will stage readings from his new book, In the Hamptons 4Ever, several of which will take place on the sites referenced in the excerpt. Here’s what you can expect this weekend:

Friday, August 7, noon at Montauk Library, 871 Montauk Hwy, Montauk


“During World War II, both the Army and the Air Force had big military bases with giant guns up in the woods on the south shore of Montauk near the Montauk Lighthouse. When they left, they removed any ammunition and guns, but left everything else a mess, never cleaning up. They already had a DO NOT ENTER sign on the chain link fence surrounding the place after all. Thirty years later, my friend John Keeshan and I, discovering that both of us, as teenagers, had snuck in there to party, decided to go out now in our fifties and check it all out again. This is what happened that day.”

Sunday, August 9, 5 p.m. at Southampton Historical Museum, 17 Meeting House Ln, Southampton


“One day I took an old clock in need of repair to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Welte where Mr. Welte had a repair shop in his basement. Over tea and biscuits, as Mr. Welte told me remarkable stories about his growing up the old days on Long Island, I came to realized that the memories this very young and vigorous older man were from such a long ago era that he had to be over a hundred years old. This is the account of that day.”

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