Are You the East End’s Best of the Best Trivia Guru? Take the Quiz!

Who is the East End's Best of the Best trivia guru?
Who is the East End's Best of the Best trivia guru? Photo: milan2099/iStock/Thinkstock

This time of year there is much dialogue as it relates to the annual Dan’s Best of the Best contest. A celebration concert is being held on Friday November 13 at the Suffolk Theater.

Dan’s Best of the Best contest gives readers the opportunity to pledge their support to those businesses and individuals they feel are most deserving in a long list of categories. And I must admit that I get caught up in the excitement as well.

But there is one thing that in my opinion is absent from the many different voting opportunities. And that is the ability to vote for the East End’s best trivia guru.

Regular readers of the are familiar with Townline BBQ’s weekly Quiz Night on Thursdays during the fall, winter and spring. It consists of local teams pitted against each other for weekly cash, bragging rights and in the end, the coveted trophy with the golden pig on top. Dan’s Papers has fielded a weekly trivia team, Thursday Night AA, the last two seasons and has earned their fair share of wins over the years.

I have heard gossip, all of it around the Dan’s Papers offices, that people named Stacy, Dan, Brendan, Kelly, Lee and others might just have a superior intellect when it comes to trivia. And I have to admit that writers are usually pretty smart, but I am skeptical that these names would end up at the top of the any voting results.

So again I ask, when it comes to trivia on the East End, who is worthy of being labeled “Best of the Best?” I expect others would want to know as well.

In hopes of gaining the answer, I recently began asking East Enders to take a little trivia challenge—12 questions all related to New York symbols.

How curious that despite dozens of interactions with people who thought they possessed superior trivia skills, not a single one was able to answer every question correctly.

When it comes to trivia, is it possible that a Dan’s readers might unofficially be christened The Best of the Best? Give it a try—the answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. What is New York’s state bird?

2. What is NY’s state beverage?

3. What is NY’s state animal?

4. What is NY’s state muffin?

5. What is NY’s state saltwater fish?

6. What is NY’s state freshwater fish?

7. What is NY’s state reptile?

8. What is NY’s state gem?

9. What is NY’s state insect?

10. What is NY’s state shell?

11. What is NY’s state bush?

12. What is NY’s state motto?

Don’t feel too bad if you didn’t answer them all correctly—the average New York resident only gets five answers right. Scroll down for answers

No Peeking!
No Peeking! Photo: m-imagephotography/iStock/Thinkstock

ANSWERS: 1. Eastern bluebird; 2. Milk; 3. Beaver; 4. Apple Muffin; 5. Striped bass; 6. Brook trout; 7. Snapping turtle; 8. Garnet; 9. Nine-spotted ladybug; 10. Bay scallop; 11. Lilac; 12. Excelsior.

P.S. Don’t forget to support all those area businesses and individuals that were voted Best of the Best in their particular category. You can see the winners here.

And find and review all your favorite East End businesses at!

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