Montauk Audiovisual Meditation: moogmemory

Created by UK composer and pianist Matthew Bourne and multi-media artist Michael England, this audiovisual collaboration uses the magical sounds of a Moog Memorymoog and an LZX video synthesizer together with video footage shot between Montauk and the Yorkshire Moors in the North of England. The artists say this piece promoting Bourne’s upcoming “moogmemory” tour in England explores “the relationship between the literal and abstract in landscape work through a haunting marriage of controlled voltage.”

Whatever that means, the “moogmemory” tour preview is really cool and compelling to hear and watch, and it includes footage of Lunch, aka The Lobster Roll, the Long Island Rail Road and more in Montauk. The music is “Horn & Vellum,” a track on Bourne’s new moogmemory album.

Bourne, who describes himself as “a passionate explorer of sound,” has been called “fearlessly unpredictable” and his work comes from a “burning desire to make music on anything old, broken or infirm.”

To learn more about Matthew Bourne’s moogmemory album, or to order a digital copy, visit

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