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Big Flower Grows from Greg Ammon’s Tragic Past

Greg Ammon, the son of infamously murdered Hamptons millionaire Ted Ammon, is opening a new store in East Hampton on May 23 for his Big Flower fashion brand, which he launched nine months ago. The local shop is an expansion of that brand.

Inspired by the notion that you can choose your own legacy, Ammon created the brand as a means to convey that idea. The sunflower’s strong roots and height are testaments to such a concept, as well as being representative of the East End, so it’s understandable why Ammon would choose it as the logo for his company, but the flower also relates closely to his father, Ted Ammon.

Big Flower is a family name, one that used to belong to his late father’s company, Big Flower Press. It was also inspired by a part of Greg Ammon’s childhood: Pointing to fields of East Hampton sunflowers, his very first English words were “big flower.” Greg and his twin sister, Alexa, were adopted into the Ammon family from Ukraine, and for him, Big Flower represents a wonderful memory of childhood summers spent in East Hampton, surrounded by sunshine, sand and good friends.

Since the murder of his father, Greg has chosen to seek his own legacy, rather than live in the shadow of his family’s tragic past. He seems to have found it, since he successfully sold his brand at The Maidstone in East Hampton last August, and is now opening his own boutique next month.

A lifestyle apparel and accessories brand, Big Flower’s debut capsule collection “Sun and Style” featured men’s swim trunks, silk pocket squares, linen beach wraps, leather trimmed baseball caps, and tote bags. A full line launch is expected for Ammon’s store later this year, along with the full launch of his website,, where you can now subscribe to updates on the shop’s progress.

“Big Flower was developed as a socially-conscious brand, with well-made products designed to be comfortable, versatile and embody the East Hampton lifestyle,” Ammon says.

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