Breaking Apple: How Apple Fixed the Terrorist iPhone Problem

Apple cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas
Cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas

As you know, when the terrorists were shot in San Bernardino, the iPhone from one of them was found, but the contents of it could not be retrieved. The government then asked Apple to unlock the phone, but Apple refused, and the battle between security and privacy was headed to the Supreme Court in a legal battle that neither side wanted.

Last week, the matter was resolved without having to do that. Here is what the public has been told, together with, in parentheses, a cynic’s view of what really happened.

The government, using technical help from a small private independent company (consisting of Apple techies who have been temporarily fired and are now a new, private company), has succeeded in unlocking the terrorist’s phone (the techies set up the security wall in the first place), making further demands on Apple unnecessary. Apple has now requested that the government give Apple the information on how this private company did that. (Uh, no.)

What do you think happened?

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