Trailer for ‘De Palma’ Documentary Released

De Palma
Brian De Palma Photo: by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Jaeger-LeCoultre:

East Hampton’s Brian De Palma is known for his violent, brilliant films like Scarface and Carrie. Production company A24 has released a trailer for Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow’s documentary De Palma, about the career and life of the iconic filmmaker. De Palma premiered at last year’s Venice Film Festival and will soon get a proper release.

De Palma has directed more than 30 films over the course of his career, from mainstream hits like Mission Impossible, Carlito’s Way and The Untouchables to more obscure works like The Phantom of the Paradise, which has become a cult classic. His latest film, Passion, was released in 2012 and selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 69th Venice International Film Festival.

Not all of De Palma’s films have been hits, of course. The Black Dahlia, released in 2006, was panned for its bloated plot and over-the-top style. But De Palma has always been uncompromising in his creative vision, and the documentary explores how his films have gone against the Hollywood grain.

Check out the trailer for De Palma below.

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