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Elements Fitness Opens New East Hampton Studio

Celebrity personal trainer, professional dancer and fitness studio owner Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger has just opened a new location for her acclaimed studio, Elements Fitness, in East Hampton.

Recently dubbed the “fitness corner” with its neighbor SoulCycle, Elements Fitness is now located at 68 Newtown Lane. The new three-story, 1,800-square foot space will feature multiple studios modified with a wall-mounted barre system for the studio’s signature ballet-infused regimen. The space also features cathedral ceilings allowing ample natural light throughout the studio.

Hunsberger and her studio are no strangers to the Hamptons— the fitness guru opened her flagship studio in 2014, which was also located in East Hampton. Though even before her studio became a Hamptons staple, she was a regular visitor to the East End where she trained several clients. Now with her studio taking off and gaining a star-studded clientele, she needed to acquire a larger space.

In a time with a flux of progressive studios that incorporate dance into their workouts, Elements Fitness hopes to stand out with its emphasis on and inspiration from ballet and barre movements. Hunsberger has also integrated yoga stretches and Pilates training into her routine, which she says has a tremendous influence on flexibility and targets all necessary muscle groups.

Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger of Elements Fitness
Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger of Elements Fitness

“We incorporate ballet with functional training, which is a very safe and effective way to work out,” Hunsberger explains.

Elements Fitness has garnered her a number of celebrity clients, many of which are Hamptons locals, including Bridgehampton resident Sarah Jessica Parker, Amagansett’s Jessica Seinfeld and East Hampton resident Christy Turlington. She also names Parker Posey and Kirsten Dunst among her famously fit.

While Elements is primarily focused on women’s fitness, Hunsberger says her exercise style has also been known to very beneficial to men.

“We work accessory muscle groups along with the major muscle groups, and we move in different ways so it increase flexibility, so it might not be a bad idea for men to take our class,” she says.

Hunsberger will also be offering classes at Sole East in Montauk and at The Ram’s Head Inn on Shelter Island this summer, where she’ll be teaching her SUP and Barre classes. As to whether Hunsberger will ever teach classes on the North Fork, she notes, “The sky’s the limit.”

It would certainly appear so.

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