Restaurant Review: Tweed’s Restaurant & Buffalo Bar

Tweed's in Riverhead
Tweed’s in Riverhead, Photo: Oliver Peterson

Tweed’s Restaurant & Buffalo Bar is a landmark in Riverhead, an establishment tailor made for lunch or dinner while one is out enjoying the many shopping venues the area has to offer. Located in a historic building downtown, The John J. Sullivan Hotel, Tweed’s takes you back to a classic dining experience without any pretention.

Our friendly server Jeannine helped us navigate our way through a fantastic meal, starting off with a beautiful glass of Vie Vité Rosé from France, which was crisp and slightly sweet, perfect on a late summer evening. Shrimp cocktail was next, with a twist of fresh guacamole and local tomatoes diced and arrayed prettily on top. The shrimp were perfectly cooked; firm with that satisfying crunch, and seasoned so well you could enjoy them sans sauce.

Fried calamari came out piping hot and cooked until crispy, with the meat still melt-in-your-mouth tender. Served alongside a hot, tomato-y pink sauce, the pairing was heavenly.

Grilled Bison kebabs, a Tweed’s signature dish, were next. The chunks of bison meat were cooked to medium-rare and glowed like jewels upon a bed of homemade barbeque sauce. The meat was tender and flavorful, so similar to the flavor of beef but with an essence that points to its origin. If you’ve never eaten bison, Tweed’s is the place to give it a try—their bison are born and bred right here on Long Island, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

Another local Long Island dish—duck—was next. Prepared two ways, this duck lover was pleasantly surprised. A confit duck leg sat proudly next to a pan-seared duck breast, arranged thoughtfully atop a mound of aromatic wild rice and vibrant vegetables. A reduction of blackberries was carefully spooned on top of the duck, and the contrast between the savory duck and the tart, slightly sweet sauce was playful on the palate and kept me going back for more. The crispy skin on the leg was heavenly, the fat rendered perfectly, leaving the delectably crunchy skin, which was devoured. The bison filet mignon was simple steakhouse perfection, tender and moist, served with a tarragon demi-glace that paired well with the bison flavor.

There were so many temptations for dessert, including a special old fashioned apple cake, but I chose a classic crème brûlée to end my meal, and I was not disappointed. The creamy, luscious custard was riddled with fresh vanilla beans and the torched sugar on top was crisp and sweet. It was just right alongside my decaf cappuccino, served with biscotti and a sugar crystal to stir. Divine.

The presentation of food at Tweed’s must be mentioned. Everything was plated with care and purpose, some dishes playfully so, like our Grilled Bison kabobs, which came out with “Tweed’s” spelt out in their barbeque sauce. A restaurant that takes care with its presentation is top notch in my book.

Next time you’re in Riverhead and looking for a satisfying meal, head over to Tweed’s, get a glass of your favorite wine or craft brew, and enjoy. See you there!

Tweed’s is located at 17 East Main Street in Riverhead. For information visit

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