Bethenny Frankel Sparks Twitter War After Election

Bethenny Frankel

Hamptonite and Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel found herself in the middle of a Twitter war following remarks she made about Donald Trump protesters in New York City earlier this week. Frankel, who responded to Trump’s Presidential win with a sarcastic Tweet about running for mayor of Manhattan, criticized the increasingly volatile protests.

“This protesting is moronic. What is the government going to say? Just kidding. Do over??? The man did happen to win NY,” Frankel tweeted on November 9. “People are burning flags. This is not a joke.”

When one of Frankel’s followers responded, “Protest is a form of expression & very much a part of the democratic process. Your criticism is ‘moronic,’” Frankel went on the defensive.

“Really? Cursing and screaming and fighting and burning flags is not productive right now.”

Things appear to have escalated since then. Responding to a now-deleted inflammatory and likely threatening tweet, Frankel wrote, “Oooooh I’m scared. Perhaps you’re one of the imbeciles I saw today cursing, hurting people & burning your flag…I will not tolerate insults. I started from the bottom & now I’m here bc of this country.” Frankel, known for her direct and frank opinions, didn’t give up despite the criticisms. “Perhaps people should have protested BEFORE the election & maybe people are having regrets about not voting,” she wrote.

“Whether LGBT, roe v wade, immigration, racism etc, people have the right to be scared & sad. Now’s time to collect & make a plan vs revolt,” Frankel said in her final thoughts on the matter. “If you don’t know what to do, sit still. Clarity comes from reflection vs reaction.”

That’s sound advice, even if she doesn’t always follow it herself on Real Housewives of New York City.

Frankel is just one of many celebrities with something to say about the 2016 Presidential election. Several have taken to Twitter, while Jennifer Lawrence wrote an impassioned essay urging women and minorities not to give up or feel defeated in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

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