R.L. Stine to Write ‘Man-Thing’ Comic Book

R.L. Stine

Sag Harbor resident R.L. Stine has written hundreds of horror stories over the years, from the kid-friendly Goosebumps to the teen-oriented Fear Street novels. Today, Marvel Comics announced that Stine will be writing a five-issue Man-Thing series.

Tyler Crook will be creating covers for the book, while German Peralta and Daniel Johnson will be providing interior art. “My first ambition was to be a comic book artist,” Stine told The New York Times. “I started doing these little comic books in the fourth grade…I was terrible. I had no choice but to be a writer.”

The book follows the adventures of its titular monster hero, a character originally created in 1971. Stine’s take on Man-Thing is inspired from 1950s Tales From the Crypt comics, with each issue featuring the main story and a short horror tale drawn by a guest artist. In the first issue, Man-Thing heads to California to figure out why he hasn’t starred in his own movie. Stine told The New York Times that while the stories in Man-Thing will be “creepy,” there will also be dark humor—a staple in his writing.

Man-Thing debuts in March from Marvel Comics. Check out the cover for the first issue below.

Tyler Crook/Marvel Entertainment

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