Alec Baldwin & Jimmy Fallon Do Their Best “Trump”

Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon
Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

A game of “Box of Lies” between East Enders Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon quickly turned into an opportunity for the two men to give their best Donald Trump impressions. “Box of Lies” is a game where one person either lies or tells the truth about the object in a box.

Baldwin immediately went into his fantastic Trump persona and lied about the object (a mask), saying it was a “big, fat, juicy burrito, filled with bananas. It’s a banana burrito.” The lie escalated, with Baldwin/”Trump” stating that it was from Honduras, to which Fallon asked if that meant it was from China. “Trump” replied “No, no. I myself would not ever eat a burrito from China.”

We could explain this further, but to get the humor you really need to watch the exchange. Check out the clip below, and don’t forget to watch Baldwin host Saturday Night Live this Saturday, February 11.

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