Check Out Kelly Ripa’s Gay Reality Show ‘Fire Island’

Screengrab from Logo's "Fire Island"
Screengrab from Logo’s “Fire Island”

Logo has debuted the trailer for Fire Island, a new reality show produced by East Enders Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. The series follows six “friends” — are they really friends or are they paid to be? — as they party hard and enjoy summer on the titular gay vacation destination. The six guys all have six-pack abs (with the exception of the token bear, but that’s intentional), they’re all super-handsome and from what we can tell, all super-insufferable. We can’t wait!

The trailer seems to take place primarily in the Pines, one of Fire Island’s two “gay” locations. Cherry Grove, which famed drag queen Hedda Lettuce once called the “Island of Misfit Toys,” doesn’t seem well-represented here. For goodness sake, Cherry Grove Pizza has cheeseburger pizza, which is likely anathema to these guys.

Fire Island debuts this spring on Logo. Check out the trailer below.

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