Old Man McGumbus’s Bunker ‘Tapped’ on Shelter Island

The McGumbus bunker was tapped
The McGumbus bunker was tapped, Photo: Piotr Marcinski/123RF, Ysbrand Cosijn, Battlefield_Historian, Jordanlye/iStock/Thinkstock

Shelter Island’s Old Man McGumbus, the 105-year-old WWII veteran who has been living in a bunker buried beneath the Shelter Island dunes for the past several years, tweeted over the weekend that someone has been “tapping” his bunker.

It wasn’t immediately clear what McGumbus meant by this, because the bunker has neither phone nor cable connections. McGumbus, however, was insistent, even when confronted with these facts. Due to the nature of the claim, it had to be investigated—as all tapping claims must.

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When Hamptons Police Department detectives visited McGumbus at the bunker, they soon learned that the eccentric old man was referring to an actual tapping noise that was disturbing him, which was caused by a fallen branch being blown about by the wind.

Police removed the branch, and the tapping ceased. McGumbus has nevertheless vowed to pursue a more in-depth and exhaustive investigation.

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