Hamptons Driver Arrested for Using Strange Blinking Turn Lights

The blinking lights in question were on both sides of the car
The blinking lights in question were on both sides of the car, Photo: Pattaraphon Vinichai/123RF

On Friday afternoon, the Hamptons Police were notified of an erratic driver operating a vehicle in Southampton Village. Police were able to locate the vehicle from the description they received. After following the driver in his vehicle for close to half an hour, a patrol officer pulled the driver over and placed him under arrest.

“While the driver proved to be completely sober, we were able to document that he was doing all kinds of strange stuff behind the wheel,” Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch said. “For example, as he approached intersections he would slow down—which is nothing unusual—but then he would actually stop his vehicle. If there were other cars approaching the intersection from other directions, he would sometimes allow the other cars to proceed ahead of him.”

Hirsch went on to describe a peculiar phenomenon the man’s vehicle exhibited while under observation. “On several occasions a strange flashing light would appear above one or the other side of the car’s rear bumper—like something out of a sci-fi movie. At first we were mystified, but from careful study of the dashboard video retrieved from the patrol car, our investigators have noticed a pattern to these events. They always occurred right before instances of the driver changing his direction of travel. We’re not sure whether the driver was purposely activating this flashing, but we feel strongly that it is a potentially dangerous distraction to other drivers, and our investigators would like to know how these flashing lights came to be installed over the vehicle’s bumper.”

The police investigation is ongoing, and police are encouraging members of the public to share what information they can.

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