10 Things You Didn’t Know About GrillHampton Host Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine
Robert Irvine. Photo: Dan's Taste of Summer

Robert Irvine, celebrity chef, entrepreneur, philanthropist, founder of the Robert Irvine Foundation and chef/owner of Robert Irvine’s Public House at the Tropicana Las Vegas, is back to host Dan’s GrillHampton presented by Pat LaFrieda at Fairview Farm in Bridgehampton on Friday, July 21.


But there’s more to Irvine than just food expertise. Here are some facts you might not know about the famous chef.

1. Irvine has worked at many high-end establishments (not to mention the British Royal Navy!), including President Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal.

2. His hit Food Network series Dinner: Impossible was originally called Fit for a King, which isn’t surprising given Irvine’s huge arms and love of weightlifting.

3. Irvine is married to professional wrestler Gail Kim, who is known for her work on WWE, TNA and more.

4. Irvine has the distinction of being the first person to be designated Honorary Chief Petty Officer by the US Navy.

5. Thanks to his strict and intense workout regimen, Irvine was named one of the 25 Fittest Guys in America by Men’s Fitness.

6. Irvine’s latest restaurant, Robert Irvine’s Public House, opens at the Tropicana Las Vegas on July 27. The theme is “comfort food with a celebrity twist.”

7. According to Irvine, home economics class was a great way to meet girls!

8. Irvine’s first car was a 1997 Honda Civic. Now he drives a 2014 Cadillac Escalade.

9. Irvine has two daughters, Annalise and Talia.

10. Irvine’s father was a professional soccer player.

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