Dan’s Taste of Summer Countdown: Mecox Bay Dairy

The Ludlow family
The Ludlow family. Photo: Barbara Lassen

GrillHampton and Taste of Two Forks patrons look forward to the glorious view of Mecox Bay from the big white tents. What’s it like to live and farm with Mecox Bay as a backdrop every day? Pete Ludlow, son of Art Ludlow, Mecox Bay Dairy’s founder, shares his “views” of the Bay and beyond below.

How old were you when you knew that you’d have a career in food?
As long as I can remember. When I was a child, my father and his brother ran a potato business on our land in Bridgehampton. When my father started the dairy business in 2003, I fell in love with the cheesemaking process and have been hooked ever since!

What makes Mecox Bay Dairy so very special and unique?
We are the South Fork’s only dairy, and we proudly provide farm fresh meat and dairy products to our home community on Long Island. We craft artisan products through sustainable farming practices, and maintain a positive relationship with the community through respect for the natural landscape. Our cows are grass-fed on over 30 acres of pasture that has been in the Ludlow family for five generations, so our connection to this community runs deep.

Why should consumers seek out local produce and wine?
You are what you eat! Buying local is he best way to ensure that your food is produced ethically and sustainably. Knowing where your food comes from is a crucial way to take control of what’s in your kitchen, and developing relationships with your local farmers is good for your community. We have a personal relationship with each and every chef who buys our food, and we strive to show our love for our community in everything that we make.

Where can our readers purchase your delicious products?
You can find all our products at farmers markets all over the East End throughout the summer. Our cheese is also available at farmstands and cheese shops in the Hamptons and on the North Fork. And our brand new farm store is opening Sunday, July 16 at 855 Mecox Road!

If I got a tattoo tomorrow it would depict: a cow on my shoulder, because the cows have always got my back!

What do you have in your pantry right now that would make another food pro jealous?
Farm fresh raw milk. With it I can make homemade yogurt, cultured butter, and, of course, our famous artisan cheeses.

What skill or concept have you learned recently that you’re eager to use in your work?
I spent this winter mastering a new recipe for a Stilton-style blue cheese. We just started selling early batches this summer, and it’s been great to introduce a new cheese to our loyal customers.

What’s your favorite part about interacting with fellow food pros at Dan’s Taste of Summer events?
The enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism of the pros behind the local food movement is on full display. It’s a great source of motivation and inspiration to keep doing our best!

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