Sarah Jessica Parker Freaks Over Total Eclipse in South Carolina

Sarah Jessica Parker watching the solar eclipse
Sarah Jessica Parker watching the solar eclipse (from @sarahjessicaparker on Instagram)

Amagansett’s Sarah Jessica Parker and her family, including husband Matthew Broderick, were over the, ahem, moon while watching the solar eclipse down in South Carolina today, where it reached 100% totality. Her enthusiastic reaction, which can be seen in a series of Instagram videos she shared at @sarahjessicaparker, is priceless.

The Divorce star shared her first video, proclaiming in the caption, “We are officially eclipse chasers!” Filming from a boat as they seek out the perfect spot to watch the eclipse, SJP tells fans, “We’re chasing clear skies, because we’re on the eclipse run in beautiful South Carolina.”

We are officially eclipse chasers!

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The next video, which had over 942,000 likes just three hours later, shows Parker, and Broderick in the background briefly, wearing her eclipse glasses and shooting selfie style. She says it’s official now, noting there’s a small chip out of the sun’s upper righthand corner, adding in the caption, “Someone took a bite out of the cookie!”

But she gets much, much more excited.

As darkness descends in the third video, Parker—who is audibly moved and even a bit shaken—says, “Oh my God, this is the most spectacular light I’ve ever seen!” Her excitement builds to a thrilled outpouring of joy. “It doesn’t make any sense—it’s happening, you guys, it’s happening!” Parker screams, working her family into an ecstatic frenzy of awe. “There’s the corona! Oh my God, there it is!”

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Then, as the sun falls completely beneath the moon’s shadow in the final video, Parker calms to a state of pure, blissful wonder. “We did it. We made it. Oh my God. We saw it…it’s so humbling,” she says.

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This mom definitely knows how to create an awesome and unforgettable experience for her children…and her Instagram followers!

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