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Hamptons Bridge Toll Now Comes Automatically By Mail

This week, the Hamptons Bridge and Tunnel Authority (HBTA) was pleased to announce this week that the tollbooths at Shinnecock Canal Bridge have been removed, and cars entering the Hamptons will now pay their tolls upon receipt of bills sent through the mail.

The Authority issued a statement explaining the new procedure: “The new technology recently acquired by the HBTA allows us to track the license plates of all cars crossing the bridge and automatically generate bills to send to drivers at their mailing addresses,” they write, noting that traffic flows to the area have thereby been eased as drivers no longer have to stop and pay the toll.

As an added bonus, the HBTA no longer has to compensate toll collectors.

“The usual toll of $5 per car will be billed, and drivers will also pay a convenience fee of $3 per bill received,” the HBTA continues.

Drivers can expect to receive their bills in the mail within 30 days after entering the Hamptons.

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