How Dan’s Readers Would ‘Make America Great Again’ in 2018

What Me MAGA? How would you Make America Great Again in 2018?
What Me MAGA? How would you Make America Great Again in 2018? Photo: choneschones/123RF

“Make America great again” is a slogan synonymous with our current president, but even if one removes Trump and all the divisiveness he brings from the equation, these four words could be controversial in their own right. Some might ask, “Who says America isn’t already great?” A few may argue that America was NEVER great—though that case would be hard to defend.

A week ago, with this in mind, and thoughts of the coming new year, we posed a question via Facebook, asking readers, “What would Make America Great Again in 2018?

As you might have guessed, posing such a query using this particular verbiage drew a massive response with plenty of back-and-forth vitriol and histrionics from our little microcosm of this deeply divided nation. The four words, popularly shortened to MAGA, in many ways represent everything people love or hate about Trump, his followers and his administration. MAGA is an inspiring rallying cry for the red hat-wearing set, and a brutal reminder of frustration and loss for those who felt stabbed in the heart as they saw a “sure thing” victory stripped from them on election night 2016.

So, yes, we definitely knew we were fanning flames and poking a stick into a pit of coiled vipers when we asked the question. We were courting controversy, but we also sought some honest answers from both sides of a bitterly split populace.

Leaving out the hateful and insulting replies to many of the answers (and there were plenty from both sides of the proverbial aisle), we offer a solid cross section of (unedited) thoughts from Hamptonites, North Forkers, ex-pats and readers from afar.

What would Make America Great Again in 2018?

The majority of answers, given the wording of the question, relate to our president. It’s not a surprise that more Dan’s readers seem to want Trump gone—this is the Hamptons after all. The numbers also reflect recent polling from Gallup, which put the President’s approval at just 38 percent yesterday (12/27/17). According to Newsweek, “Trump is the most unpopular president at this point in the history of the presidency.”

Is it fake news? Either way, Trump’s followers are a passionate and vocal bunch who, if the polling is correct, make 38 percent sometimes feel like 50 percent or more.

Matthew Feldman Getting rid of libturd journalists and libturd fakenews media

Jeanne Greco The end of the Trump presidency and a return to bipartisanship and respect for the Constitution in a government that works for the people.

Anthony Waltz MORE Donald Trump!!!

Toni D’Andrea The end of this unqualified & criminal administration.

Karen Sozio Letting President Trump do his job without being ridiculed.

Jay Scheick An administration that doesn’t threaten other countries by withholding funds when the other countries don’t agree with what Trump is doing, which is essentially creating local and worldwide instability for no reason.

Janice Lee Giardina If all of congress agreed with Trump.

Susan Benfield An administration that knew what they were doing.

Marina McCreery MORE of the great Donald Trump as our beloved President of the USA ! He’s been terrific – despite the cruelty and dishonor of the “left” LOSERS…..

Joann Gambale Leaders who make decisions putting flesh and blood ahead of money and bank accounts.

Trina Sullivan Having POTUS leave office and getting a dignified, sane, smart, decent person go into that office.

Tom Brown Jr. A simple resignation would be a good start

Vinny Petrucci Impeachment proceedings

Julia Lombardo A new president and a new slogan.

Some took a shot at politicians outside the Oval Office, from the left and right, and a few said we should do away with all of them.

Susan Toplitz We need to get rid of lee zeldin…. in bed with 45, Bannon, and Mercer. Pushed through a yes vote the fist go round on our taxes. No write off on property taxes.

Charles J. Bivetto All the Suffolk County Democrats resigning!

Sue Reeve A huge hole appearing in the earthy & swallowing up King Cheetohead, Shillary & Billary & all their close crooked theiving buddies.

Guy Barron Getting rid of the 2-party system and dark money PACs.

Marian Cassata President Obama

David S. Meyer Lock her up!

Connie Monett Bernie Sanders

Sherri Bebee More money in OUR pockets instead of politician’s pockets

Bonnie Seaman If all politicians got on a boat and left

Philip Matthews An honest elected official

Darius Farahani The return of integrity to our most important institutions. What can I say I am a dreamer.

Others were focused on certain policies, national issues and the economy.

Randy Vickers THE WALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherri Bebee Dow at an all time high. Unemployment low, jobs, paying less taxes so more money in our pockets. More money in companies pockets so they can hire more and pay more. Improve the economy which is what America needs

John Capone If only there were some sort of plan to try and bring healthcare to everyone and make it affordable…

Art Donovan Domestic manufacturing and a huge investment in infrastructure.

Malissa Greif Schmidt End the shameless plight of homeless veterans.

Robert Gatto Veteran support

Debra Johnson End the opioid crisis.

Dominick M. Koscielniak Self – sufficient farms.

Steven Taub Staring down hunger, staring down global warming, staring at and improving tolerance, staring less at phone devices.

Lilee Fell A Global Floral Initiative….

Deb Klughers A veggie burger in every restaurant.

It’s hard for anyone to argue with those hoping for more peace, compassion and goodwill among our people.

Gregory Poulos Empathy and compassion.

Dervishe Debbie Bolvadin Common sense, confidence and compassion

Daniel Edward McGurn No hate

Sean Ward Stoppage on confusing feeling with thinking

Michael Paraskevas Less complaining about everything…. more looking forward.

Tony Guardino …WOW….Good question…..As a Living Vietnam Veteran…Who seen..THE GOOD..THE BAD..The UGLY of Ugly.s……Today in The USA…if People..truly THANK GOD…for WHAT THIS GREAT COUNTRY has…..WE have FREEDOM….to do whatever we want to do with our lives…..Use THIS FREEDOM..for THE BETTER..and Appreciate the Simple things in LIFE….If America falls from within…..IT IS FINISHED……ALL FREEDOM will be ..NO MORE……Respect opinions, that might be different from yours….BUT….Never DESTROY ..OUR HOUSE…Its THE HOUSE…WE LIVE IN……ALL AMERICANS……..Merry Christmas from a Vietnam Veteran..age 72….retiree…….Thank You..DAN.s Paper……….TG….

It’s really hard to argue with this answer, too.

Kathryn Daum Every child on those St Jude commercials will lead a happy, healthy and productive life.

Then we have more locally-focused thoughts.

Kenny Onufrock Being able to park out east without a town or state parking sticker.

Regina Fahey O’Sullivan MORE BEACH DAYS in MONTAUK <3

Ann Derpingshire Submarines

George Roberts Less traffic

Michael Paraskevas Tuckahoe School and Southampton Schools should merge.

Finally, we end with this possibly very wise response.

Leah Peeks I think we could start by burning down this entire Facebook post.



Be good to one another, folks. Let’s start 2018 by agreeing to disagree, fighting for our individual and group beliefs, and maybe trying to keep things to a more friendly, positive and productive discourse. May all your hopes and dreams come true in 2018!

Read the full Facebook conversation, in all its ugliness, here.


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