Trump’s New Simplified Tax Return Includes Yuge Signature Box

Trump reveals his massive new tax return signature box
Trump reveals his massive new tax return signature box, Photo: Joe Tabb, Varin Rattanaburi/123RF

During a quick speech before constituents in Tennessee this week, President Donald Trump revealed that the simplified, “index card” tax return forms under his new tax plan will include a massive signature box.

“Under my fantastic new tax reform, your return will now include a signature box that’s 25 times larger than any signature box ever proposed by any president ever before in the history of presidents,” Trump said. “It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen,” he added before holding up the sample featuring his tremendous signature in a box that matched the size of the remaining form.

“President John Hancock’s signature has nothing on mine,” he continued, pointing to the document and his jagged name along the bottom. “I think it’s safe to say I have the biggest signature ever written—far bigger than my predecessor Barack ‘Little Chicken Scratch’ Obama’s—and any of the presidents who signed the Constitution,” Trump said, adding, “And I’m welcoming all Americans to sign next year’s tax returns as big as you’d like. It’s my gift to you.”

While it’s only a signature box, Democrats are already mounting a venomous opposition campaign, referring to the change as “The end of freedom as we know it in America.”

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