Tequila Buzz


Tomorrow is National Margarita Day. Here at Indy, we don’t care because . . .  shudder. Some 76 percent of Americans like margaritas. Some 90 percent of The Independent newsroom doesn’t.

Me: The only way I like a margarita is if it is made of so many different ingredients and frozen fruit as to no longer be a margarita. Like those martinis that have no gin and no vermouth and are made of all those newfangled ingredients to the point where their only resemblance to a martini is the stemware they’re served in.

Jessica: No. No. No tequila.

Murphy: No. Can’t do it.

Because we’re mentors like that, we tell our young reporter Justin, who turned 21 recently, “Don’t do it. No tequila.”

He replies, “Too late. But it’s not an experience I’d like to repeat.”

We ask Abby.

“Abby, margarita?

“Yes!” she replies.

She’s new and we’ll overlook it . . . for now.

So, the Indy newsroom is not a fan.

We’re part of the eight percent of Americans researchers at the website nationaltoday.com reported hating margaritas.

Thirty two percent of those surveyed love margaritas, while 44 percent merely like them.

Twice as many Americans prefer frozen margaritas, with just 33 percent liking them on the rocks. Most like the slushy versions.

Some sixty five percent of ‘rita drinkers need the salt on the rims of their glasses. Twenty six percent of those always lick the salt off the rim of the glass. (Barf!)

One in three survey respondents name margaritas as their favorite happy hour drink, even though 15 percent of those folks describe the libation as “always deceptively strong.” Here’s hoping the tequila quaffers have designated drivers, or they will be looking at a whole bunch of unhappy hours in the drunk tank.

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