‘The 7th Circle’ Opens at Southampton Cultural Center on March 31

East End Arts Council and the Southampton Cultural Center are hosting a powerful exhibition featuring three social and environmental artists who are addressing mankind’s impact on the planet and its inhabitants. “The 7th Circle” opens on March 31 and runs through April 30.

Shelter Island painter Janet Culbertson uses striking iridescent pigments and oils to represent worldwide toxic landscapes and the destruction of the planet at the hands of humankind. Phyllis Braff of The New York Times praised Culbertson for her ability to tackle social issues through “chilling renderings of landscapes that appear at first to be imaginary.” Last year, her artwork was shown at the Southampton Arts Center, as a part of “East End Collected3,” and Suffolk County Community College’s Lyceum Gallery, as part of the “Endangered” exhibition.

Croatian American artist Anna Jurinich was inspired by her own journey to the U.S. to create intricately detailed paintings that explore the effects of war and the struggles of refugees and women. She’s lived on the East End for 25 years, and during that time, her artwork has inspired viewers in galleries located at the Parrish Art Museum, East End Arts and the Rosalie Diamon Gallery in Jamesport.

Argentinian American Paula Ocampo’s bold art explores fear and the criminal justice system.

In Dante’s Inferno, the 7th Circle of Hell deals with sinners guilty of violence against their neighbors, themselves and nature. This compelling exhibition coerces viewers to question the impact of violence humans have inflicted upon themselves and the planet they call home. After viewing the artwork on display, affected gallery visitors should be left asking themselves, “What have we done?” Join the conversation and find inspiration at this powerful exhibit.

“The 7th Circle” runs from March 31 through April 30 at Southampton Cultural Center (25 Pond Lane, Southampton). Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday, 11 a.m.–3 p.m. There is a free opening reception on Saturday, April 14 from 5–7 p.m., which includes refreshments and a chance to meet the artists.

For more info, visit eastendarts.org. To purchase artwork in this show, contact the East End Arts Gallery at 631-727-0900.

The 7th Circle
The 7th Circle, Photo: Southampton Cultural Center

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