Work It!

Zachary Weiss
The Saent Smart Device, $59.99
Chillax EyeBuyDirect EyeZen+ Glasses, $43.95
Lumo Lift Posture Coach & Activity Tracker, $59.99
RAVPower Universal Power Bank, $169.99
The Saent Smart Device, $59.99

As the office cubicle continues to fall out of fashion, sleek and chic co-working spaces like The Spur in Southampton are cropping up around the globe. With this innovation comes the possibility of working anywhere in the world, but at the end of the day, the work must be done. Here, we’ve selected four essential items to maximize your roving work environment.

Take, for example, Saent, the unassuming cordless pod that dictates workflow through color-coded light notifications denoting timed focus sessions and smart breaks. A distraction blocker capability also shuts off all ancillary notifications about text messages, emails, and social media.

From portable laptop chargers that will save you from hunting for an open plug to the must-have blue light-blocking EyeZen+ lenses, these items will collectively make your time spent at your desk easier.

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