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Letter to the Editor: Getting Fired from Dan Rattiner’s Presidential Campaign

The Dan Rattiner for President 2020 Movement is seemingly dead.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter. That is because I have dedicated the last year and a half in promoting a grassroots effort to elect Rattiner as President of The United States Of America in 2020. Although my job was unofficial, unpaid and never openly endorsed by Rattiner, make no mistake that I was fully engaged.

I discovered the terrible news on March 16, 2018, when I read an article by Rattiner, in which he appears to officially have endorsed Alec Baldwin and Oprah Winfrey for President and Vice President respectively.

I had no advanced warning of this announcement. There was no call to me. There was no email. Not even a damn letter in the mail. I can now sympathize with former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who served under President Donald Trump, who it is rumored, found out about his termination via Twitter.

I have been a dutiful supporter of Rattiner. I established an unofficial campaign headquarters in my spare bedroom. I made sure to get the word out that he was represented on Wikipedia as having officially announced his 2020 candidacy. I held numerous focus groups. I planned and organized several bake sales to be held in and around the Hamptons in the summer of 2018. I have also made up hand-drawn political signs to be held by volunteers on Friday afternoons and evenings on the Long Island Expressway.

Why was I constructively fired without notice? Was it for lack of performance or for other reasons? For the record, I am not having an affair with any other campaign workers or staff. I have not met with anyone I know who is Russian. I have never called Rattiner a Moron. I have not gambled excessively. I have not openly disagreed with any of Rattiner’s positions that he previously outlined in his platform. I have bought and read all of his books. I have not done any of the things that have gotten other people fired from the current President’s staff. Yet now I find myself without a job and a cause.

What happens when one’s candidate shoots them in the heart? It is a pain that is beyond description. At least if I had a heads up that Rattiner was going to be endorsing another candidate, I could have quit in advance for personal reasons. This would show better on my resumé.

It is sad that one of our best opportunities to establish a sound government in 2020 is now nothing more than a faded memory, lost in a pit of anguish and despair.

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