East End Row Brings a New Kind of Workout to the Hamptons

It’s been called the “IT workout,” while they themselves call it “The Perfect Exercise.” And now East End Row has not one but two convenient locations on the East End, in Southampton and East Hampton, plus an outpost on East 74th Street in New York City, where you can get the full body training required for cardiovascular health and better muscle tone.

“It’s a 50-minute workout,” says Christie Hoyt of the East End Row in East Hampton, located at 460 Pantigo Road. And it would appear to be a thorough workout, too. “Rowing works 80% of your muscles, and then we incorporate mat training with weights to target other muscle groups.”

Christie Hoyt of East End Row
Christie Hoyt, Courtesy East End Row

In addition to being the Director of the East Hampton location, Hoyt is also a trainer at East End Row, running classes there nearly every day. She has 14 years experience as a fitness trainer, and started at East End Row last summer.

Hoyt points out that rowing at East End Row is different from some other workouts. “It’s low impact exercise, and you can control your own pressure level.” So there’s no sectioning of rowers into beginning, intermediate and advanced classes. You choose your own intensity. “The machines have screens that give feedback about the number of meters you’ve rowed, and that motivates people to reach goals that are their own.”

East End Row uses the GX Water Rower, a high-end rowing machine with a difference. “The resistance is created by water that you can see,” Hoyt says. She points out that the system not only gives rowers more control over the level of resistance, but it’s also more enjoyable because of the connection to the water.

Another difference at East End Row is their approach to using music in the workout. “The music is really fun,” Hoyt says. “We work with ‘waves,’ where a wave is around the length of one song, and we change the tone of the music depending on what we’re doing in the workout. The music becomes a driving force.”

Hoyt notes that every instructor has a different music style, so rowers will get a different experience depending on who’s running their class. She is also careful to add that the music is not played at an unnecessarily loud volume, but earplugs are available for those who are particularly sensitive.

“This will be our first full summer in East Hampton, and I’m excited to meet all the new people,” Hoyt says, looking forward to the summer season.

Learn more about East End Row’s studios in East Hampton (460 Pantigo Road) and Southampton (33 Hill Street) by calling 631-353-3626 or visiting eastendrow.com.

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