Vessels Collide Off Coast

The United States Coast Guard New York Sector responded to a collision between the loaded tankship, Tofteviken, and the commercial fishing vessel, Polaris, on May 12, approximately 30 miles southeast of Bridgehampton.

The Tofteviken was cleared to pull into port last week, according to Anne-Marie Gorden, a public affairs officer for the Coast Guard’s New York sector. She said the Tofteviken was holding crude oil, but because of the way it was designed, which is multi-layered and similar to a hull within a hull, the contents did not leak into the water. It sustained “a 20-to-40-foot gash, but fortunately, that was the only outcome,” she added. There were no injuries to anyone on either vessel at the time of the crash.

The collision is still under investigation.

The Tofteviken was traveling to New York while the Polaris was traveling back to Massachusetts after a long night of fishing. Built in 2007, the Polaris is a steel ship that is 84 feet in length and it suffered damage to the bow and outrigger. The Polaris held a crew of seven, and the vessel was able to safely return to its homeport in Massachusetts.

In the case of the Tofteviken, the tankship remained anchored until the Coast Guard concluded its investigation and reviews of class reports. The Tofteviken had to be cleared in order to ensure that it was safe to return to port so the appropriate repairs can be made.

Additional reporting by Peggy Spellman Hoey.

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