Hard Shells, Soft Hearts

Karen Testa, Catherine Bauser, Makayla Syas, Tanya Beickert, and Briana Massaro are five young women who volunteer their time to the Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons. Executive director Karen Testa heads the turtle veterinary hospital and she even has her hundreds of patients in her last will and testament.

Located at 111 Manor Lane in Jamesport, the Turtle Rescue cares for injured and found turtles that have been brought in from across the whole East End. About 100 turtles are kept inside, and there are many more in the artificial ponds and enclosures behind the building. Testa and her team conduct surgeries, biopsies, and other advanced medical procedures every day to give our coldblooded friends a fighting chance.

The Turtle Rescue feeds and treats turtles from the time they are small hatchlings, to massive adults that can live for more than 60 years. The job is far from easy, but if you would consider volunteering your time or making a donation, then visit the Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons website at www.turtlerescueofthehamptons.org. You can also contact the team directly at [email protected]m or call 631-779-3737.

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