Rebuilding, Brick By Brick

Independent/Justin Meinken
Independent/Justin Meinken
Bob Ganga showcases the type of brick that will be used to construct the 9/11 Memorial in East Hampton.

Tony Ganga and his brother Bob have collaborated with the Sons of the American Legion in Amagansett to build a memorial for the victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Designed by Gustavo Bonevardi, who has previously worked on the Tribute in Light memorial in Manhattan, the East Hampton 9/11 Memorial will be constructed in the open field to the side of the legion. As soon as the artist finishes the sculpture, which is made with steel from the World Trade Center, Tony Ganga plans to hang the sculpture in place and continue the construction as far as the funds will allow him to do so.

Ganga admitted that he has been stretched thin during this time since he is also the committee chairman for Soldier Ride. Attaining the funding for the project has also presented a significant challenge for the two brothers, with 400 bricks required for the memorial’s construction. The brothers, who are unable to fund the project themselves, are asking $100 per brick, but only 70 have been purchased.

While donations of any amount are appreciated, the brothers strongly encouraged that all who wish to participate in the memorial’s construction should purchase a brick. Bob Ganga explained that the bricks hold sentimental value because they are timeless pieces on the monument itself, and each brick can be customized and dedicated to whomever the donor chooses.

The brothers believe East Hampton Town needed a memorial to remember those people who died that day.

“You can’t speak to someone who wasn’t touched by it that day, either directly or indirectly, across the whole country,” Tony Ganga said. “We thought the town has enough people who care, and we wanted to put up something substantial — something quiet, reflective, a place to have a little bit of peace and be elegant at the same time.”

Each engraved brick is $100 and a $50 replica is available with each purchase. The Ganga brothers would like to complete the memorial in time for the September 11 anniversary this year.

If you would like to help memorialize the people who lost their lives on 9/11, visit or call Tony Ganga at 631-793-1633 or Bob Ganga at 631-827-6585.

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