East Hampton Village Bans Styrofoam

The East Hampton Village’s new law prohibiting the sale and use of polystyrene (Styrofoam) is scheduled to take effect on August 1. The ban prohibits the use or sale of products such as packing “peanuts,” Styrofoam coolers, cups, plates, and food containers.

This new law, tied to the ban of plastic bags enacted by the village in 2011, does provide an exception for pre-packaged foods sold in the local supermarkets.

With a village abundant with eateries, allowing patrons the ability to take home their leftovers requires restaurant owners to re-think the containers that they previously used. Many of these businesses are, however, already using more environmentally friendly food containers. Citarella, Rowdy Hall, and Starbucks, are just a few of the businesses that have already eliminated polystyrene from their inventory. John Papas has taken it one step further and has already gone to the use of paper straws as it anticipates that plastic straws will be the next item banned in the village.

Although Stop & Shop preferred not to comment, it may be one of the businesses that will be most heavily affected by the Styrofoam ban. Having previously sold Styrofoam coolers, cups, and plates, Stop & Shop may have to adjust its inventory before August 1, unless its products are an exception.

East Hampton Village’s ban is similar to other legislation enacted on Long Island. The Village of Patchogue has set a ban on the same types of products as East Hampton due to environmental concerns. The ban in Patchogue will go into effect on September 4 of this year. New York City will also be enacting its own Styrofoam ban that will take effect on January 1, 2019.

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