Beyoncé Accused of Practicing ‘Extreme Witchcraft’


It’s long been known that Beyoncé has a certain level of magic, but according to her former drummer Kimberly Thompson, the superstar is literally practicing the dark arts.

On Thursday, The Blast reported that Thompson attempted to put out a restraining order against Bey because she says the East Hampton homeowner has been using “extreme witchcraft” to put her under surveillance and control her finances. A court document attained by The Blast also claims that Beyonce used “dark magic” against her with “magic spells of sexual molestation.”

The results of these many maleficent spells supposedly caused Thompson, who says she was Beyoncé’s drummer for seven years, “extreme exhaustion…loss of man, jobs, theft of homes, large losses of money, theft of computer hard drives, and extreme theft of intellectual properties.”

Taking the cake, though, is Thompson’s accusation of Beyoncé’s “murder of my pet kitten.” She also adds that the singer put spells on her lovers and caused numerous broken relationships. The accuser does not explain why Beyoncé would do these things to her.

Not surprisingly, the court denied Thompson’s restraining order request. Smart judge, especially if he or she owns a kitten…

Neither Beyoncé nor Thompson have commented since the bizarre allegations were made public.

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