LSD Contamination Alleged at Camp Hero

SAGE radar tower at Camp Hero
SAGE radar tower at Camp Hero

Investigators looking into strange occurrences at a former military base in Montauk say that they have uncovered evidence of massive dumping of an illegal compound into the soil surrounding the area. The compound, LSD, which the investigators say they believe was dumped in volume in several locations in the early 1980s, seems to have contaminated the groundwater that feeds numerous private wells in the area. The investigators recently brought their concerns to local officials for possible legal action and to urge remediation.

“It has long been rumored that LSD experiments were carried on out here,” says Hugh Grimley, a spokesperson for the group of investigators who are making the allegations. “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD for short, is of course a powerful hallucinogen, and scientists thought it might be useful as a truth serum or as a weapon of war. We believe that they were producing it in large quantities out here for use in their experiments.”

According to Grimley, who works as an independent water tester, he began turning up surprising results while sampling untreated well water in neighborhoods in the area starting several years ago. “While LSD wouldn’t ever be found in treated water, as it breaks down upon contact with chlorine, we found surprisingly high levels of the drug in the drinking water wells unconnected with the municipal water supply. So we began looking for a source.” Deductive reasoning pointed his team towards the top-secret location where LSD experiments were rumored to have taken place.

Grimley says that his team is not yet able to provide hard evidence for their allegations. “Look, it’s not like these guys were going to fill out forms in triplicate to document these experiments,” Grimley explains. “This was pretty clandestine work. I figure they covered their footprints pretty thoroughly. But then, when they were getting ready to close up shop, they must have found themselves stuck with a massive amount of leftover acid in powder form.”

Grimley’s team has found several people who claim, in interviews, to remember seeing a lot of suspicious dumping of unidentified materials around the time that the military base closed down. “This was the early ’80s, and there weren’t that many people out here to witness what these guys were up to,” says Grimley. “Our sources say they didn’t even attempt to disguise what they were doing.”

Officials and legal authorities have yet to issue any formal responses to Grimley’s allegations, but privately, numerous officials admitted that they have long suspected that many residents of Montauk were “on something.”

One official went as far as to say that he recently saw a giant lizard crawling up the Carl Fisher Office Building.

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