Hamptons Epicure: East End Wines and Wineries Quiz

Wine Pairing, Photo: Barbara Lassen
Wine Pairing, Photo: Barbara Lassen

Last night I heard myself call out to my husband, “Imma gonna try dat red Mudd with dat bluefish!”

a. When I’m really tired my non-existent Southern roots come out.
b. I’m deep into the process of creating wine pairings for my upcoming cookbook.
c. I fancy myself an artiste.

All of the above are, sadly, true.

The “Mudd” referred to Channing Daughters Winery’s Mudd Red Table Wine (Named for Long Island Wine Country’s pioneering Mudd family).

And the bluefish was my co-author Hillary Davis’s Broiled Bluefish with Parmesan Garlic Bread Crumb Crust.

I was hoping to make a match between the two and to be able to write something like, “this meaty fish calls for an equally ‘meaty’ red like Channing Daughters Mudd, etc.” in our upcoming cookbook The Hamptons Kitchen.

But they didn’t work together. Not to worry, their forever partners are out there somewhere and I’ll help them connect one day.

I’ve learned a lot while preparing this cookbook, first and foremost that I’ll never take this approach to a cookbook again. Next time I’ll have all the recipes and testing done before I pitch the book.

But I’m not complaining. Not at all. I’ve come to know some fascinating and wonderful things about our area food shed and I’ve forged some great friendships with new-to-me fellow foodies. Exploring the breadth and depth of our unique wine region has been particularly rewarding. (And I do so love a good screw top, versus a cork, now.)

As I pass from the Cursing Mommy’s Test Kitchen phase of recipe development into mainly developing wine pairings in Cursing Mommy’s Shimmering Chards Bar and Grill, where the motto is “Of course we’re out of wine glasses, grab a jelly glass already!” I’d like to share some insider info.

Here’s a little East End wine quiz for you to test yourself on. For the answers, go explore this wonderful place we call the East End! (Or go to the bottom of this page.)

1. What are the names of the actual Channing daughters behind the eponymous winery?
a. Carol, Elaine, Adelaide and Beatrix
b. Nina, Isabella, Francesca and Sylvia
c. Ashley, Brittany, Quinn and Rose

2. How many Long Island wineries are operating today? (Hint: not all of them have tasting rooms.)
a. Over 60
b. 188
c. 17 (the rest are franchises of the original 17)

3. What wine grapes are not currently in production on the East End?
a. Dornfelder, Albarino, Blaufrankish
b. Grüner Veltliner, Chenin Blanc, Tocai Friulano
c. Aidani, Kurniawan, Vinovalie

4. What’s another name for the Syrah grape?
a. Chardonnay
b. Shiraz
c. Columella

5. What’s one method of producing rosé?
a. Dye white wine with cochineal extract.
b. Add pure alcohol to red wine.
c. Leave crushed red grapes on their skins for a relatively short period of time.

6. In addition to award winning wines, Wölffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack also produces:
a. gin
b. vinegar
c. verjus

1. b.
2. a.
3. c.
4. b.
5. c.
6. all of the above.

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