Hamptons Police Accused of Corruption During Dress Code Arrest

Hamptons Police office shows off ticket for violation of the casual dress code law in Sag Harbor while well dressed man pouts behind him
Photo: Leah-Anne Thompson, Luis Molinero Martnez/123RF

The Hamptons Police this week responded to criticism about the arrest of a Sag Harbor resident on dress code violations by blaming it on “rogue elements” within the force.

“We are investigating the circumstances,” Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch says. “We don’t really know what happened, but we do know anything improper that was done wasn’t our fault, and was undertaken by rogue elements.”

According to reports, a Sag Harbor man was taken into custody for being overdressed according to the casual dress code standards of the village. While in custody, the man was apparently stripped of his expensive, custom-tailored clothing, and it’s reported that a Hamptons Police-employed tailor consulted on the arrest—presumably to help determine which articles of clothing were the most valuable for resale.

Initially, the Hamptons Police denied any knowledge of the incident. However, as evidence has piled up, they’ve begun to reposition themselves. Hirsch’s said, “We cannot confirm or deny any details. But this was done by rogue elements.”

How “rogue elements” can exist within the Hamptons Police Department has yet to be explained.

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