Paul McCartney Wants You Dancing in a “Come on to Me” Video!

There’s always that song that makes one move their body, regardless if it’s appropriate at the time. Right now, that song is “Come on to Me” from Amagansett rocker Paul McCartney‘s chart-topping new album Egypt Station—and he’s made four different videos for it to demonstrate.

The first three videos each focus on a night-shift worker lip-syncing and dancing to the catchy tune: Little Freddy the mall cop; a food truck owner named Ali; and Elsa the cleaning lady. The fourth video (at top of this post), released on October 16, is a mashup of all three performances. But don’t feel left out, he wants everyone to join in and submit their own lip syncing and dancing videos as part of his #COTMChallenge.

Here’s how it’s done:

The first three videos (we’ve shared them all on this page, see Ali above) follow the same basic structure: A single employee working a late-late shift gets extra expressive while on the job. Once alone, the employee puts on the “Come on to Me” and then lip-syncs and dances with joyful authenticity. (See Little Freddie below and scroll down a bit more for Elsa.)

Their dances fully capture the sense of freedom when listening to that one great song and bopping along without fear of any one else’s judgement or perception of them. Then, right as the song hits its bridge, a second person appears in the video, staring at the dancer. The employee pauses in embarrassment, but it proves unnecessary when the observer begins dancing along. Despite the similar format, each video’s star has their own unique flavor.

The rules of the dance challenge are straightforward, “You’ve seen what Little Freddie, Ali, and Elsa can do. Think you can do better? Show us! Film yourself dancing to Come on To Me and post a video to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #COTMChallenge” Numerous people have already posted videos to Instagram and Twitter but it’s not too late to submit your own. McCartney will repost their favorites on his website.

A poll is currently available on Twitter to vote for who has the best video: Little Freddie, Ali or Elsa. Freddie is in the lead.

Watch the videos, and go vote for your favorite!

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