Mariska Hargitay Takes on Jimmy Fallon in Virtual Reality Pictionary

Mariska Hargitay isn’t just a detective on TV. The Hamptonite showed off her sleuthing skills on the November 28 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Teaming up with Ice T, she went head to head against Jimmy Fallon and Macaulay Culkin in the ultimate futuristic battle: Virtual Reality Pictionary.

The rules are simple: players puts on a virtual reality helmet and attempt to draw the object assigned to them in a three-dimensional space using the program, Tilt Brush. The Sagaponack host was first to demonstrate the device, but tragically Culkin couldn’t guess the answer—”Nutcracker”—in time. Although, Fallon’s lack of 3D drawing skills certainly didn’t help.

Ice T went next and it become quite clear that 20 years together on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit put him in sync with Hargitay as she guessed the correct answer—”Scuba Diving”—almost immediately. The detective duo now in the lead, Fallon’s team quickly caught up when the host guessed that Culkin’s beautiful globe was clearly indicating that the answer was “North Pole.” In a show of good sportsmanship, compliments about his virtual drawing prowess were exchanged between players on both teams.

Unable to form a winning streak, the SVU stars lost their second round when Ice T couldn’t guess that Hargitay was drawing Snakes on a Plane—though as he defended, “no one’s seen that movie.” In a bonus round, Fallon’s Tilt Brush skills magically improved with a rather impressive “Puff the Magic Dragon,” but no one could guess it, ending the game in a tie.

Although there were no winners in Virtual Reality Pictionary, there are no doubts about the strength of the bond between Ice T and Hargitay formed over the two decades since he first joined the show. The actress opened up to Fallon about her first experience with the rapper, admitting that she was very nervous because he was such a big name, “So, he came on the show, and he was the sweetest, kindest, most open… it was such a joy, and it’s been for 20 years” The feeling is clearly mutual as he said he’ll stay on the show until she decided to leave, to which Hargitay confirmed, “We’re sticking together.”

Fun fact: If they do “stick together” for another year, Law and Order SVU will be the longest running drama on television.