Top 5 Most Read Hamptons Police Blotter Stories of 2018

Hamptons police officer pointing gun with BANG sign coming out
Photo: Sergiy Tryapitsyn, Milosh Kojadinovich/123RF

Dan’s Papers and readers always enjoy our weekly Hamptons Police Blotter stories, marveling at all sorts of strange tales, from the Hamptons Police Department submarine to ongoing dress code and music enforcement, to local rental scams and dozens of other bizarre crimes. As 2018 concludes, we take a look back at your favorite Hamptons Police Blotter stories from the past year.

Glamping tent at Kozy Korners in the Hamptons
Glamping tent at Kozy Korners in the Hamptons, Photo: pixhound/123RF

Hamptons Glampers Revolt at Northwest Woods Campground
The Hamptons Police Department responded to calls reporting a disruption at Kozy Korners campground in Northwest Woods. The campground has recently undergone a series of upgrades to allow for glamping—that is, upscale camping—on its campsites. Despite the upgrades, a large group of angry glampers, outraged by what they considered substandard treatment, stormed the administrative offices of the campground, and the Kozy Korners’ management was forced to call the police to bring the crowds under control.

Man looking embarrassed in his car as BBITF cop checks his wealth and learns he's too poor to enter the Hamptons
BBITF wealth checks are far easier now, Photo: Katarzyna Białasiewicz/123RF

New Technology Helps Police Keep Poor Out of the Hamptons
The new system scans license plates as motorists cross the Shinnecock Canal going east on Sunrise Highway or Montauk Highway. Then, using sophisticated cross-referencing software, high-speed supercomputers quickly determine the identity of the drivers and access their bank account information to determine what kind of spending power they have. Not enough? You’re out!

Melania Trump appears to be aboard the Hamptons Police Submarine
Melania Trump appears to be aboard the Hamptons Police Submarine, Photo: giuseppemasci, Maciej Gillert/123RF, iStock

Melania Trump Resurfaces Aboard Hamptons Police Submarine
Ending her much-reported, and speculated about, disappearance in spring of 2018, Melania Trump finally reappeared, revealing she’d been staying right here in Hamptons waters. The First Lady, who hadn’t shown her face since May 10, was spotted waving from the conning tower of the Hamptons Police Department submarine on Monday morning, June 4.

Menhaden killer Reb Raymer returns home from prison
Reb Raymer returns home, Photo: Pavel Rodimov, Ken Wolter/123RF

Notorious Menhaden Slayer Reb Raymer Released from Prison
PostFollowing two years of incarceration for perpetrating a series of fish kills on the East End, prolific mehaden killer Reb Raymer was back on the streets in early December. The Hampton Bays resident, who holds a longstanding grudge against the baitfish, also known as bunker, is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of menhaden between June 2015 and November 2016 when he was finally arrested for his crimes.

The Boat-ique in Hamptons waters
The Boat-ique in Hamptons waters, Photo: Tomas Marek/123RF

Hamptons Boat-ique Yacht Runs Aground in Sag Harbor
In mid-June, emergency personnel responded to a large luxury yacht ran that aground off Barcelona Neck in Sag Harbor. In the process of dealing with the incident, investigators discovered that the beached vessel was apparently in use as a floating high-end boutique, selling everything from expensive jewelry to imported Russian caviar—operating offshore to avoid duties and taxes.

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