Hugh Jackman Makes a Seven-Year-Old Singer’s Dream Come True


Emma Cooney, a seven-year-old girl living in Ireland, is a huge fan of East Hamptonite Hugh Jackman and his hit musical film, The Greatest Showmanand she really wants to see his upcoming tour “The Man. The Music. The Show.” Unfortunately, her mother, Jacqueline Cooney, was unable to purchase tickets to the Dublin performance before they sold out. She knew Emma would be devastated if she missed the show, so she took to social media to ask the stars for a miracle.

Cooney tweeted about her dilemma on January 7 with a video of her daughter singing “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman, tagging Jackman and urging the Twitterverse to make sure he sees it. A few minutes later, she retweeted it, this time tagging the select few celebrities Jackman follows, including Sagaponack resident Jimmy Fallon and Montauker Liev Schreiber, begging them to bring the tweet to his attention. The story clearly tugged on Schreiber’s heart, as he retweeted it later that day.

Emma’s message got through to Jackman on January 9. He tweeted a video response to her mother saying, “Okay, Jackie Cooney, it worked, got to me. Yeah, very ingenious, and I just wanted to say to your little girl, ‘Thank you so much for singing that song. Thanks so much for being a fan and never stop dreaming. And remember, life is what you choose to make it, so make it fantastic!’ Sending lots and lots of love.” Schreiber commended Jackman for making the video, leaving the comment: “Nice one bubby…” On January 11, Cooney confirmed that Jackman had arranged for her and her daughter to go to the sold-out show, where Emma will get to sing along to all her favorite songs live.

Cooney told RTÉ Entertainment about the day she found out her quest for tickets was completed. “I was pretty freaked out when I saw it yesterday afternoon,” She said. “I was looking at something else and then it came up, ‘Hugh Jackman mentioned you on Twitter.'” She was only expecting a simple text, and the video response blew her and her daughter away. “[Emma’s] quite shy,” She explained, “so when I showed her Hugh’s reply she was asking, ‘Who are all these people looking at my video?’ So I said, ‘Look, it’s The Greatest Showman,’ and after that she was buzzing.”

This May, Dublin’s 3Arena will be filled with the sounds of adoring fans, including the seven-year-old whose voice stirred the internet and touched Jackman’s heart.

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