Five Excellent Streaming Shows to Watch During the Next Snowstorm

BBC's "In the Flesh" is on Amazon Prime
BBC's "In the Flesh" is on Amazon Prime

For those who don’t obsessively binge multiple series per weekend, a good snowstorm offers the perfect excuse to check out some excellent streaming television on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu—especially the stuff you probably know nothing about.

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In the Flesh – Seasons 1–2 (2013–2014) Amazon Prime
A zombie series with a much different angle than the Walking Dead, or just about anything that came before it, In the Flesh delivers a fresh take on the genre. After the living defeat the undead in a war to save the planet from  brain-eating zombies, the remaining undead are herded up and treated with special drugs that cure them of the desire to eat human flesh. These Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) sufferers are eventually reintegrated back into the community and must face prejudice and discrimination as they try to resume their lives, even though they’re technically dead. The story centers on Keiren Walker (Luke Newberry), a young PDS sufferer, after he is returned to his parents and sister Jem (Harriet Cains), a hero from the war against his kind. But not all zombies want to return to their former lives. A revolution is underway, and Keiren steps right into it.

Informer – Season 1 (2019) Amazon Prime
This brand new thriller tells the gripping story of Raza Shar (Nabhaan Rizwan), a hip, young second-generation British-Pakistani man from London who is pushed into becoming a Counter-Terrorism asset, despite the fact that he has virtually no ties to Muslim extremism or terrorists. The show begins by revealing a short glimpse of a terror attack at a London cafe, and then travels back one year, presenting the events that brought it to fruition. Raza’s handlers, Gabe Waters (Paddy Considine) and Holly Morton (Bel Powley), are dealing with their own problems, including a reemergence of Gabe’s old identity “Charlie,” a white power thug, from his days as an undercover agent. This show comprises six taught episodes that are hard to stop watching.

The First – Season 1 (2018) Hulu
While this show starring Sean Penn may not be for everyone, it offers a unique take on what a near-future mission to Mars might look like without ever launching a rocket. Tom Hagerty (Penn) leads a crew of astronauts as they prepare for this historic mission to the Red Planet. Under the direction of visionary aerospace magnate Laz Ingram (Natascha McElhone)—clearly based on Elon Musk—the crew contends with peril and personal sacrifice as they undertake the greatest pioneering feat in human history. Most challenging for Hagerty, he must leave his drug-addicted daughter Denise (Anna Jacoby-Heron) behind for the years required to get to Mars and back. Her mother already died under hard circumstances, and he may never return from the dangerous trip.

Bodyguard – Season 1 (2018) Netflix
Another bingeworthy thriller, Bodyguard follows David Budd (Richard Madden, who played Rob Stark in Game of Thrones), a London policeman and war veteran suffering from PTSD who thwarts a terrorist attack and earns himself a spot in the force’s Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch. As a new member of this UK equivalent to the Secret Service, Budd must guard a politician whose views fall deeply out of line with his own. Meanwhile, he finds himself at the center of a deadly conspiracy and must figure out how to clear his name before he ends up dead or in prison.

The Kettering Incident – Season 1 (2016) Amazon Prime
Two girls disappear in identical circumstances in the wilds of Tasmania 15 years apart, and Doctor Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki) finds herself linked to both cases—one from her childhood, and one that’s happened during her first visit home since she left. To clear her name, Anna must delve into her difficult past and face truths about herself and the possibly paranormal goings-on in her hometown. This show is pretty strange, and it builds to a shocking finish that begs for another season.

Let us know what you think of these shows, and tell us your suggestions!

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