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Jon Bon Jovi Heads to Nashville to Record New Album

The band is currently testing out 23 rough song ideas recorded on Bon Jovi's phone.

Bon Jovi fans have been “Livin’ on a Prayer” for new music for over two years, and last week the band announced that our prayers have been answered. A new studio album is heading our way!


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Day one, song one. That’s a wrap. Who’s excited?

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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band’s Instagram page shared several clips of the rock group recording new music at Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios in Tennessee. Unfortunately, none of the clips preview any of the new songs. They do, however, show the band—including David Bryan, Hugh McDonaldPhil Xenidis, Tico Torres and East Hamptonite Jon Bon Jovi—wrapping up their first day of recording with smiles and awkward high fives. Producer John Shanks also shared a great shot of Bon Jovi at the studios’s mixing console.


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Bon Jovi spoke with Russian News Agency TASS ahead of the band’s upcoming Moscow concert, a first in three decades, explaining that he’s come up with 23 song ideas that he needs try out with the band to see if they’re worthy of the next album. “It’s just a collection of songs, but I’m very happy with what I have. So now, the question is putting them up and seeing what they are,” he explains. “Right now, they are on my phone. I sing them in the phone. That’s it, it’s just bad recordings on my phone.” With the band just starting to test out the potential tracks, he doesn’t expect their 15th studio album to be out by summer.

While in the neighborhood, Bon Jovi visited the Nashville Street Barbers, a group that offers free haircuts as a means of empowerment, and People Loving Nashville, an organization that provides warm meals, clothing and hygiene products to the less fortunate. He gave the do-gooders a shoutout on Instagram on March 15 with an uplifting slideshow describing them as, “just another example of people coming together, harnessing their skills and making an impact in their community.”

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