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Your wedding day can be whatever you want it to be—whether that’s totally traditional or completely out of the ordinary. Fancy a winter wedding in July or a costumed scene out of The Great Gatsby? Joseph Longo and the team at Seasons of Southampton have made those themes come to life and can do the same for whatever it is you’re dreaming of.

What’s the most surprising request you’ve had from a couple?
We had a July wedding in which the bride wanted a winter white wedding she had dreamed of since she was a child. Normally this request would have been looked at as a joke, but, serving the Hamptons for as long I have, no request is ever too out of the ordinary. Complete with real snow, ice bars and lounge serving trays, arctic centerpieces, just about everything that you see or touch was taken from a winter fairy tale—a real, true winter white wedding. Logistics were truly pushed that day and the final production was amazing.

How has your approach changed with more requests for dietary restrictions?
We have always been creative and accommodating. However, we do ask one question: Are the restrictions for the masses or the minority of your guests? Most often, it’s because there are a handful of guests that these restrictions accommodate. In those situations, we recommend producing a menu for the majority and our kitchen will produce the same dishes for the dietary restrictions, with the service to match, so it’s seamless and unnoticed.

What do you love most about your job?
I think the best part is taking the couple’s dreams and vision for their special day and exceeding that vision. In the past it was with service and phenomenal food, but now it’s combined with themed vision. Weddings have gone from the traditional style of yesteryear to flowing themed events. Seasons of Southampton is a blank canvas waiting for the next dream to be painted. Whether it’s a winter wonderland in the middle of July, transforming a venue to a scene from The Great Gatsby, to a Hamptons beach wedding. We all have dreams of what our special day will be like, and it’s my job to make your dreams materialize. We apply that dream to four main targets: look, feel, taste and sound, to produce the most memorable weddings and events.

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